Meet Raj, a host in the London borough of Tower Hamlets

Raj, a London resident for the past 18 years is also a host on the Airbnb platform who has opened his door to guests for the past year and a half. Living in the vibrant east London borough of Tower Hamlets, he’s had a blast meeting people from different backgrounds and cultures.

“Why do you host on Airbnb?” is a question many hosts are asked. In the case of Raj, his altruistic nature naturally fit with Airbnb’s mission to create a world where people can belong anywhere. Prior to starting his own wellness company, Raj worked for a local charity in the borough, helping connect small businesses with each other.

Asked why he continues hosting, Raj responded by saying, “I love learning about different cultures, and their experiences and hearing different people’s stories. I realise we all might be different but what we’re really looking for is so similar.”

See what else he had to say about his experience as a host in Tower Hamlets:

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