Raj helps guests enjoy authentic experiences and local cuisine in east London

Raj is a host on Airbnb who originally hails from India. For the past year and a half, he’s welcomed guests into his home in the London borough of Tower Hamlets.

So far, Raj has hosted guests from 27 countries around the world and enjoys sharing local recommendations with them. Guest spending across the United Kingdom highlights just how beneficial Airbnb is for local economies like Tower Hamlets. In the UK, the average guest on Airbnb spends £147 a day, with 43 percent of this being spent in the neighbourhood of the host’s home.

One of Raj’s favourite recommendations to share with guests is just steps from his listing and is as rich in history as it is in delicious flavours. Halal Restaurant is the oldest Indian restaurant in east London and has been running since 1939. In fact, it’s still in the same location since it was established before World War II which is quite an accomplishment in London.

See what else Raj had to say about his experience as a host in Tower Hamlets:

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