Registration in Paris: all you need to know

Follow the 4 steps to upload your registration number:
  1. Go on the dedicated website of the City of Paris. 
  2. Fill out the blanks with the information needed. You’ll receive a registration number (13 digits).
  3. Go on the Airbnb website. Click on “Listings“, then “Manage listing” and finally on “Local laws“.
  4. Click on “Edit“, fill out the blank with your registration number and click on “Save“. 

You’re now registered. Thank you! 

Since October 1st, 2017, the City of Paris has put in place a registration process for hosts who host on an occasional basis.

Please find below answers to some frequently asked questions about this new registration process:

How do I know if I must register with the Paris City Hall?

You must register if:

  • You occasionally rent your home (to tourists for example), regardless of whether it is your primary or secondary residence, regardless of whether you rent one or a few rooms or the entire place, and regardless of the channel through which you advertise your listing, i.e.  platform, classified ads site, or a real estate agency.

You do not have to register if:

  • the accommodation you are renting out is a “bed and breakfast” (chambre d’hôtes, as defined here) a tourism residence (résidence de tourisme, as defined here) or a hotel.

When will registration procedures come into effect in Paris?

Registration will come into effect in Paris starting on October 1st, 2017. From this date, hosts will have two months to register on the City’s dedicated website. Starting December 1st, registration will become mandatory for hosts to continue hosting in compliance with the law

Click to access the Paris City website

What if I manage several listings in Paris?

If you are renting more than one listing, you will have to register each listing separately.

I am a tenant, not a landlord. Can I register ?  

If you are tenant who occasionally rents on Airbnb, you will have to register (because this is your primary residence).  During the application process, you will not be required to upload any document (such as your lease agreement), and you will receive your registration number without delay like any other host.

We remind you that, except in social housing, subletting is allowed in France providing you have the authorisation of your landlord. We encourage you to have an open conversation with your landlord about the benefits of subletting. For instance, did you know that you could share with your landlord part of your revenues on Airbnb? More info on our Responsible Hosting pages.

I am a property manager. Can I register on behalf of the landlord?

The law is not crystal clear on this. We recommend that you check this point with your legal advisor or with the City of Paris directly.

Can my application for a registration number be turned down? 

No, your application for registration will not be turned down. Registration is a declaration process (as opposed to an authorisation process). 

How quickly will I get this registration number?

1) Go on the dedicated website of the City of Paris.

2) Fill out the blanks with the information asked. You’ll then receive a registration number composed of 13 digits.

3) Go on the Airbnb website. Click on “Listings” and then “Manage listing“.

4) Click on “Local laws” and then on “Edit“.

5) Fill out the blank with your registration number and click on “Save

You’re now registered!

What information will I have to provide to the City of Paris?

According to the implementing décret of 28 April 2017, you will be asked to provide information concerning yourself (identity and contact details) and your dwelling (legal status and main characteristics):

  • about yourself: first name and surname, postal address, email address;
  • about your dwelling: postal address, whether it is your primary residence or not, the number of rooms you rent and the number of beds, and whether your accommodation is classified as a meublé de tourisme.

You will not be asked to upload documents to support the information provided.

Is Airbnb involved in this process?

No, as of today the registration process only involves hosts and the City of Paris.  

Will Airbnb share data related to my Airbnb account with the City of Paris?

Under the existing applicable laws, Airbnb does not share user data with any city as part of the registration procedure.

This being said, if you would like information about how Airbnb responds to data requests from law enforcement authorities, take a look at our policies here and at our Privacy Policy

What if I have any questions related to registration?

You can send an email to You can also access the Paris website for information about currently applicable legislation in Paris. It may also be advisable to seek advice from legal counsel, such as a lawyer.