Porto Seguro – four destinations in one

Porto Seguro holds a significant portion of Brazil’s nature and history: on April 22, 1500, Pedro Álvares Cabral and his Portuguese ships landed right there. Since then, the region, which would later be named Costa do Descobrimento (Discovery Coast), has become a major national tourist destination. Between the colonization period constructions and the indigenous reserve that directly influenced local culture, the coastline displays a diversity of mangroves, cliffs, coconut trees and a sea that is sometimes ​​light blue, and sometimes acqua green, while national parks preserve even greener areas of Atlantic Forest.

The county of Porto Seguro, besides housing the district of the same name, combines three other tourist destinations that together form four in one. These places, that cultivate both charm and simplicity, are among the most delightful in the country: between Arraial d’Ajuda, Trancoso and Caraíva, you will surely find your beach – or be enchanted by them all.

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Porto Seguro’s colonial architecture, the colors and flavors of Arraial, the boutiques by the sand in Trancoso, the charming encounter of the river with the sea in Caraíva: although they are very close to one another, each of the four districts have theirpeculiarities. Click below to explore them.

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Learn more about our partnership with Porto Seguro

In April 2018, Airbnb signed a partnership with the county of Porto Seguro and pledged to cooperate with the city in strengthening sustainable tourism in the region. Together, we are developing actions to promote the city’s four destinations and to qualify tourism services by training local residents, as well as sharing the platform’s aggregated data. 

Together, we are developing actions aimed at the popularization of the city’s four destinations and the qualification of the tourist services by training local residents, as well as sharing the aggregated data obtained by the platform.

The agreement between Airbnb and Porto Seguro was the first initiative of the company’s Responsible Tourism Center, launched globally last year. The commitment made by the platform is that the local residents are the main beneficiary of authentic tourism, focused on the development of the community itself, as long as tourism activity grows and becomes relevant to the economy.

Learn more about Airbnb and visit the Digital Guide of Porto Seguro.