Airbnb Activates Open Homes program in response to QLD and NSW bushfires

Airbnb has activated its Open Homes Program to help displaced residents impacted by bushfires in Queensland and Northern New South Wales.

The Open Homes Program recruits hosts who are willing and able to provide free temporary housing to displaced residents, as well as emergency service personnel deployed to fight the bushfires.

Airbnb Hosts within the affected areas have the ability to opt into listing their homes, offering much needed accommodation, free of charge, by visiting

Airbnb’s Regional Policy Director for Asia Pacific Brent Thomas said so far, more than 40 local hosts had offered their homes to those requiring somewhere to stay.

“Airbnb’s Open Homes Program connects those in need of safe housing, with temporary accommodation offered by local hosts who are opening their homes for free. We encourage hosts with homes in the area to consider opening their homes to those in need and for those requiring a safe place to stay to take advantage of the program,” Mr Thomas said.

The Open Homes Program is currently available to 27 September 2019. As a public service, Airbnb asks that media outlets consider sharing the following link: