Airbnb Hosts learn about local First Nations Culture and Traditions

In partnership with NSW Aboriginal Tourism Operators Council (NATOC) the pilot initiative provided Airbnb Hosts the opportunity to participate in an on-country experience and gain an in-depth understanding of the local First Nations culture and businesses which offer products and services that Hosts can promote to guests during their stay.

The program encouraged local Hosts to establish relationships with local First Nations communities, to continue their learning on how they can be respectful and inclusive of First Nations customs and beliefs.

Susan Wheeldon, Airbnb Country Manager, Australia and New Zealand, said the pilot was a fantastic way to bring Airbnb’s Reconciliation Action Plan (RAP) efforts to life in a meaningful way. 

“By educating our Hosts on local First Nations culture, we can create a more enriched and respectful experience for all. 

“Through the session with NATOC, our South Coast Hosts were provided with a really engaging and informative session and we are hopeful that following this pilot, we will be able to roll out the initiative to other Host communities across Australia.”

Dwayne Bannon Harrison, NATOC Chairperson said, “NATOC is honoured to partner with Airbnb on such a rewarding project. Facilitating cross cultural exchange between local hosts and our First Nation businesses and communities leads to stronger relationships and potential business partnerships. We look forward to rolling out further programs in the near future.”

Bronwyn Reid was one of the Hosts who attended the event and commented, “The whole experience was delightful: Dwayne enlightened us in many ways and gave us a new depth of appreciation for our local indigenous community; the leaders who gave us the smoking ceremony and took us on the bush walk also gave us a much appreciated education in bushlore and even an awakening to what can be ‘told’ with the playing of the didgeridoo. Loved it all, thanks to everyone involved in putting it together!” 

Reconciliation at Airbnb

Airbnb’s journey started with our Reflect RAP in 2021, which laid the foundations for developing long-term mutually beneficial relationships and partnerships. This work has deepened our organisation’s understanding of the need for reconciliation and an education on First Nation’s history and culture within Airbnb’s community.

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