Airbnb teams up with Victoria Police for a safe 2020

We’ve partnered with Victoria Police to help ensure hosts, their guests and the broader community enjoy a safe 2020 and can focus on enjoying all that Victoria has to offer.

As part of this collaboration, we’ve produced a list of top tips and have been reinforcing the importance of responsible hosting, as well as the need for guests to be respectful of the neighbourhoods in which they’re staying.

“While negative incidents are extremely rare, bad behaviour has no place on Airbnb and we enforce strict policies that include the swift removal of wrongdoers from our platform,” said Derek Nolan, Airbnb’s Head of Public Policy for Australia and New Zealand.

“We also want to remind both hosts and guests that unauthorised and ‘open invite’ parties are strictly forbidden. We hope everyone enjoys a safe and relaxing time in Victoria and makes the most of the state’s world-class attractions.”

Speaking on behalf of Victoria Police, Acting Commander Darren Franks said: “This collaboration with Airbnb as a leading short-term rental provider is about ensuring people are equipped with the information they need to have a safe experience.

“For home owners leasing out your property over summer, police strongly encourage you to have an active oversight of all bookings. If you have any suspicions about a booking, contact your service provider such as Airbnb as soon as possible. 

“If you have planned a small gathering at your short-term rental, do not advertise it on social media and plan for how you will respond to uninvited guests. Also ensure that a number of responsible adults stay sober and act as decision makers should any issues arise. 

“In the case of an emergency, or if you feel unsafe or have concerns that a situation may be escalating, call Triple Zero (000) so the nearest police unit can attend.”


  • Get to know your guest/host and set expectations: We suggest communicating in advance with your guest or host through our secure on‑platform messaging tool to ensure you’re both on the same page prior to the stay. Hosts should also review and update your ‘House Rules’ and make it clear to guests or property managers that unauthorised house parties, including ‘open-invite’ parties, are forbidden. Guests should ensure they have read the House Rules and feel comfortable asking their host any questions via our on-platform messaging tool.
  • Always be respectful of neighbours and the community: While negative incidents are rare, bad behaviour has no place on the Airbnb platform and we enforce strict policies to protect hosts, guests and the wider community – that includes removing wrongdoers from our platform. 
  • Ensure contact details are up-to-date: Please review and ensure your contact details are accurate and up-to-date. For example, have you changed your phone number or email address since registering with Airbnb? Negative experiences are extremely rare. However, in the unlikely event that something does occur, Airbnb may need to contact you to seek your assistance and/or permission to share your details with law enforcement. 
  • If anything isn’t right, reach out: Our Customer Service and Trust and Safety teams are standing by 24/7 to assist you in the rare event that an issue might arise. You can contact our team here or send us a direct message on Twitter or Facebook. If it’s an emergency or you feel unsafe, please always call 000 first before contacting us.
  • Make the most of your newfound connection: Guests should feel free to ask their host for top tips for enjoying Victoria and discovering hidden gems. Hosts should also take the opportunity to get valuable feedback on how to improve their listing for future stays.
  • Enjoy all that beautiful Victoria has to offer!