Creating stronger communities: Partnership with Crime Stoppers

Airbnb is a global community built on trust, and we work hard to help ensure that every host and guest has a great and safe experience. One of the many ways we do that is by partnering with local safety experts to equip hosts with the latest information on how to keep themselves, their guests, and their homes safe.

Airbnb and Crime Stoppers Australia (CSA) recently teamed up to launch a simple guide unveiled at a local Responsible Hosting event. Hosts from across Sydney/NSW were joined by speakers from CSA, NSW Police and Fire, and Rescue NSW.

Host Julie from Western Sydney attended the event: “ I found it to be quite insightful and informative as an Airbnb host around the importance of safety for Airbnb Hosts and guests staying in our homes”.

Brent Thomas, Head of Public Policy, commented on the significance of this partnership and initiative. “As a community built on trust, safety is our priority at Airbnb. With more than 300 million guest arrivals to date, we are constantly working to improve the platform and encourage respectful and responsible  behaviour by all who host and stay in the home sharing community.”

Designed in partnership with CSA, the guide aims to help hosts welcome their guests  and ensure they feel safe and comfortable staying in Sydney, acting responsibly and respectfully whilst living like a local.  

Trevor O’Hara, the Chair of Crime Stoppers Australia, as well as representatives from the NSW Police Force and Fire and Rescue NSW, gave tips on best practice for hosts and guests regarding safety.

‘We always welcome the opportunity to work very closely with members of the community to help clarify when to call Triple Zero, when to contact the Police and how Crime Stoppers works as the confidential medium for reporting non-urgent information with the assurance protecting an individual’s identity.’

On the night we also covered tips about crime prevention and fire safety which were of enormous interest to the hosts who were very engaged during the presentations and left with a greater appreciation for the role we all play in helping to keep our local communities safe”, Mr O’Hara said.

Airbnb is committed to earning your trust and keeping you safe — and we look forward to continuing this important work here in NSW and across Australia.

For more information, download our guide (front page and back page) or visit for more information, including important safety tips for hosts and guests alike.