Home sharing gets the green light in New South Wales – Airbnb’s most popular destination in Australia

  • NSW hosts welcomed more than 1.6 million guests in 2017
  • Sydney, the capital of NSW, is in the Top 10 list of Airbnb cities globally

Today, the New South Wales Government announced fair and innovative rules that give home sharing the green light in New South Wales.

After nearly three years of extensive consultation, the New South Wales Government has developed a framework which reflects and supports the way people travel and use their homes in the 21st Century.

New South Wales is the beating heart of the Australian Airbnb community. representing a third of all Airbnb listings and a third of all guest arrivals — more than 1.6 million in 2017.

The new rules will provide a strong foundation for our community to grow responsibly and sustainably. Here is a summary:

1. Fair rules for home sharing: The statewide rules will give home sharing the green light and allow locals to share their homes with travellers from around the world.

2. Clear, simple framework:

  • Allowing short-term holiday letting as exempt development 365 days per year when the host is present;
  • When the host is not present, a limit for hosts to rent out properties via short-term holiday letting of 180 days in Greater Sydney, with 365 days allowed in all other areas of New South Wales;
  • Councils outside Greater Sydney having the power to decrease the 365 day threshold to no lower than 180 days per year

3. Tough but fair rules for bad behaviour: A tough but fair two-strikes-and-you’re-out policy for deterring and dealing with any instances of bad behaviour.

4. High industry standards: Home sharing platforms will have to comply with a new mandatory code of conduct. 

Chris Lehane, Airbnb’s global head of policy, welcomed the announcement at a press conference today in Sydney:

“Airbnb welcomes the new fair and innovative rules announced by the New South Wales Government which give home sharing the green light in NSW. They bring the rules for home sharing into the 21st century and send a clear signal that NSW embraces healthy tourism.

“These statewide rules strike the right balance. They protect the rights of respectful and responsible home sharers, while taking a zero tolerance stance on bad behaviour.”

Sam McDonagh, Airbnb’s Australian country manager, added:

“This truly is a watershed moment for our community in Australia and for travellers from around the world who want local, authentic and unique experiences when they visit.

“With the cost-of-living painfully high, these fair and innovative rules will make it simple and easy for people and working families to share their own homes to make extra income. The rules will be a boost for the NSW economy and a welcome relief for the countless small, local businesses who rely on the Airbnb guest dollar.”

We are excited by the growing list of destinations that embrace home sharing, and we look forward to continuing to work with the New South Wales Government to implement fair home sharing rules that allow more people to share their extra space.

Fast facts on Airbnb in New South Wales

  • Sydney is in the Top 10 list of Airbnb cities globally
  • In 2017, our community welcomed 1.6 million visitors to New South Wales
  • There are more than 55,000 listings in New South Wales, more than a third of total Airbnb listings in Australia
  • Deloitte found Airbnb contributes more than $987 million to NSW’s Gross State Product and supports more than 7,300 full time jobs in 2017