Meet Our Hosts – How to host a unique listing that guests will rave about

Glenn and Denise are SuperHosts based in Whangarei, New Zealand. Proud owners of the Fairytale Treehouse, their listing garners rave reviews from guests that have been enchanted by every facet of their stay. But this doesn’t come down to luck, Glenn and Denise have honed their hosting approach over the years and have collated their top tips for others looking to convert a quirky space into a unique listing guests will love. 

  •  Make the communication personal

When someone books with us we always go back to them with a personalised message, we don’t just have an automatic reply. By doing this opens up a two-way dialogue from day one, they often then share why they are booking their stay which enables us to further personalise their experience. This does take more time in effort, but it’s worth it as it sets you up with a great relationship from the very start.

  • Adding that extra-touch goes a long way 

Following on from our booking note, a week before guests arrive we email to check in on dietary requirements as we supply breakfast and we want to make sure we tailor the food to their needs. Guests love that we supply a breakfast (free-range local bacon, home-baked bread) and this extra-touch, and the quality of the meal, is often highlighted in guest reviews. 

  • Make it an experience

The key thing with a unique premium property is that guests expect something quite special, so we keep this in mind when fine-tuning the little details.Taking this to a whole new level, a mother who recently booked with her young daughter asked us if we would play along with the story she told the little girl – that they were house-sitting for a fairy princess. We of course did, and no doubt the daughter’s stay here was pretty magical. 

  • Have a thorough guest book

When you have a unique property people are really interested in its story. People want to know what it’s about, why it’s there, how it’s built. For instance, our treehouse was built by the previous owners as a magical spot for their elderly Mother to live in and our guests just love hearing that story and getting some background on how the treehouse came to be. You might not have a big story, but a guest book is also a really nice touch.

  • Local advice is really important

We often get questions about where to go on the drive up from Auckland or around Whangarei, so we always have recommendations at the ready. But we don’t want to just recommend anything, all of our go-to recommendations are tried and tested and we know they’re great. People really appreciate that local advice and insider knowledge. 

  • Don’t forget the basics 

It goes without saying that cleanliness can make or break a guest’s stay – no matter how incredible your listing is. So make sure your listing is spotless every single time before a guest walks through the door. 

  • Never underestimate the power of a good night’s sleep

Finally, let’s not forget why they booked – to stay overnight. So a great mattress and pillows go a really long way for ensuring a great stay. We have opted for quality bamboo bedding and a good memory foam mattress. If the guests wake up happy and well-rested – you’re already one step towards a great review!