Providing certainty for WA’s tourism economy

Western Australia

Airbnb plays a positive role in growing tourism and supporting local jobs in Western Australia, with WA hosts proud of the contribution they make to communities across the state.

A 2017 Deloitte Access Economics report, for example, found that Airbnb guests spent more than $155 million in WA in 2015-16 alone. Of that, more than $40 million was spent in regions outside of Perth. West Australians are also significant users of Airbnb, with locals accounting for more than an estimated 400,000 Airbnb guests travelling within WA in 2019. 

We note the Government’s response to the recent parliamentary inquiry into short-term rental accommodation, particularly its support for home sharing as a valuable contributor to the state’s tourism sector and a genuine income source for thousands of West Australians.

Certainty about the future of home sharing is incredibly important for hosts on Airbnb across WA who rely on the income they receive from hosting to make ends meet. We welcome the Government’s commitment to further exploring the relevant issues involved via an interagency working group. 

There are still important issues to be resolved including whether WA follows Tasmania, NSW and South Australia in implementing comprehensive statewide rules – or whether we create a complex, confusing patchwork of regulation where different rules apply across more than 130 WA councils. 

Alongside our community, we want to work collaboratively with the WA Government to develop best-in-class, statewide rules that will promote responsible home sharing, grow tourism and address the needs of hosts, guests and the broader community.