Quarter of a million Airbnb guests explore Christchurch

Almost 250,000 Airbnb guests are estimated to have visited Christchurch in 2019, providing an economic boost for the region that helped grow local jobs.

The figure, released today, highlights the role played by local Airbnb hosts in driving tourism growth in the region and supporting local small businesses.

Christchurch City Council is currently seeking feedback on possible changes to the Christchurch District Plan in relation to home-share accommodation. A large number of Airbnb hosts are expected to participate in the consultation process.

Derek Nolan, Airbnb’s Head of Public Policy for New Zealand said: “We welcome the opportunity to engage in this consultation process and actively encourage our host community to participate also. 

“We are very proud of the enormously positive role Airbnb plays in Christchurch, be it in attracting tourists, bringing extra customers to shops, cafes and restaurants, or in helping our hosts to generate an extra income to help pay the bills or get by in retirement. 

“A significant number of Airbnb hosts have already indicated that they’re keen to engage with this process and have their say. Their focus is very much on helping to inform this conversation so that the best possible economic settings can be achieved to continue growing tourism in Christchurch. 

“Close to a quarter of a million Airbnb guests are estimated to have visited Christchurch in 2019 and injected valuable tourism dollars into the city, which helped support local jobs.

“Christchurch is an incredible part of the world and a must-see for any visitor to New Zealand – which is why Airbnb is keen to see consultation back fair and sensible rules that foster continued tourism growth.”