Tassie host Alice makes both guests and local wildlife feel right at home

Alice Papp sometimes tells her guests to think of her as “long-lost Aunty Al from Tasmania” to make them feel more at home.

The Tasmanian Superhost on Airbnb prides herself on providing a unique and welcoming experience for not just her guests – but also Tassie creatures great and small.

Alice’s Gunns Plains farm stay not only helps travellers relax and unwind amidst Tasmania’s spectacular natural surrounds – all in the comfort of a charming converted shed – it also doubles as an animal refuge for local wildlife.

Alice says the hobby farm is home to Tasmanian devils, dozens of pademelons, platypus, a gorgeous array of birds and cheeky possums that love to sneak up and nibble at her cat’s dinner when he’s not looking. The farm, she says, is a refuge where “animals get to live their life in complete harmony and safety”.

A single parent of three girls, Alice started hosting about five years ago at a time during which she was facing financial difficulties. The supplemental income helped her overcome those difficulties and stay on the farm.

But the most valuable aspect of being a host, she’s found, is the genuine sense of connection that’s forged with guests from incredibly diverse backgrounds.

“What I like most is meeting interesting people from all over the world and making them feel cared about and welcome,” Alice says.  

“You get to spend some time getting to know some guests and build a connection, which is special. What makes my farm stay especially unique I think – or hope – is the way I like to make my guests feel.  

“I sometimes tell my guests to just think of me as long-lost Aunty Al from Tasmania to make them feel more comfortable.”

A proud local, Alice is also passionate about showcasing her region and pointing guests towards the area’s renowned local attractions. And when they eventually depart her farm and farewell its many animal residents, she hopes they’ll feel as though they, too, have made a genuine connection.