The Village offers Australia’s first New Home Test Drive

A novel twist on the traditional display home experience is underway at The Village, with prospective buyers being offered an Australian-first invitation to try out homes and the neighbourhood before they buy.

Through its innovative New Home Test Drive initiative, The Village in Townsville  is inviting genuine home-buyers to stay in one brand new home for up to two nights through Airbnb, giving people a chance to see how different housing configurations and the community at The Village fits with their individual living style.

The Village, owned by Economic Development Queensland, has been designed as a vibrant, sustainable and inclusive community, which more than 1,000 families will eventually call home.

General Manager for Economic Development Queensland, Mr Greg Chemello hopes the New Home Test Drive would help home-buyers to answer some of the many questions they may have while looking for their dream home.

“For most people, a home is the biggest purchase they’ll ever make; and it can be a daunting prospect to move into a new neighbourhood or different style of home without really knowing what you’re moving into,” said Mr Chemello.

“The New Home Test Drive seeks to give buyers a little more reassurance that a certain home and life at The Village is the right move before they make a long-term commitment. It’s a fully-immersive experience that we hope will eliminate some of the guess-work involved in building a new home.

“By staying in one of our homes utilising Airbnb, prospective buyers will see things they may have missed during a 20-minute visit to a regular display home; they can make themselves at home and see how the design works for their lifestyle; and they can try the walking tracks, the fishing spots and the nearby amenities that The Village has to offer.”

The New Home Test Drive initiative is open to genuine property buyers, looking for a new home in The Village. Guests will have the option of staying in a two-storey terrace home on a compact 125m2 lot or a traditional home on a 400m2 lot, and their stays will be managed from start to finish through the Airbnb platform.

“Innovative design is in Airbnb’s very DNA. We believe innovative design can make our communities more inclusive, sustainable and affordable. It is why we are pleased to be able to support both The Village and the New Home Test Drive concept. We want to play our part our part to encourage good design and help make our cities better places to live, to work and to experience as guests,” Airbnb’s Head of Public Policy ANZ Brent Thomas said.

“Our sophisticated, trust-maximising platform will allow genuine home-buyers the opportunity to experience these innovative, architecturally-designed homes easily and safely. Currently the New Home Test Drive experience is open by invitation only to ensure proper upkeep of the two properties and to trial the concept. We hope to extend the invitation to other genuine home-buyers in the near future.”

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