The World’s Tiniest Home on Airbnb Now Available for Bookings

Airbnb and Miniatur Wunderland, the world-famous miniature exhibition in Hamburg, Germany, are inviting guests to book the world’s tiniest home Airbnb. The Home, in the small town of Knuffingen, will only be available for guests who are two centimetres and under, with all proceeds going to Hanseatic Helpa charitable social logistics initiative based in Hamburg.

The handsome two-story house is a classic redbrick German family home — shrunk down to a height of a small lunchbox — and located in the miniscule but typical German city of Knuffingen, in the heart of Miniatur Wunderland. Before now, Knuffingen was one of the rare few cities without any Homes on Airbnb but it is proud to list its most beautiful family home just in time for Christmas Eve.

Tiny visitors will be greeted like honorary citizens. Their journey will start at the world famous Knuffingen airport, a technical masterpiece that took almost six years and four million euros to construct. One of the busiest and most famous cities in Wunderland, Knuffingen measures 120 square metres and has a population of 10,000 tiny people. Passionate railroad enthusiasts can arrive by Christmas train, pull into the town’s tiny station and stare in wonder at the impressive Guinness Book of World Records-certified model railroad system (which has a whopping 15,400 metres of track).

A tour around Knuffingen will include a stop at the iconic “Castle Löwenstein.” The castle is a beautiful baroque inspired building, perched on a hillside above the snow-covered city. This time of year Knuffingen is lit up by hundreds of twinkling festive lights and festooned with oodles of seasonal decorations including over 30,000 LEDs.

The Home offers everything a tiny guest could possibly need, from the luxurious postage stamp-sized bed to the very festive family room with its open fire and towering four-centimetre-tall Christmas tree. Less is definitely more in the lounge: relax on the comfy thumbnail-sized sofa, saddle up the paper clip- sized rocking horse or get snug as a little bug by the 40-millimetre-wide fireplace. The tiniest items of all are the Christmas stockings over the fire: barely visible to the human eye, they are about the length of a standard pencil tip.

Although average-sized guests won’t be able to fit inside this listing’s itty-bitty door, they are invited to book it for $10 a night and unlock the gift of giving this Christmas.The proceeds from each booking of the world’s tiniest listing will go to Hanseatic Help, a charitable social logistics initiative based in Hamburg.

House Rules

  • Guests must measure two centimeters or less
  • No oversized luggage allowed
  • Small talk with the host is encouraged
  • Miniature pets are permitted (penny-sized at most)
  • Tiny parties and gatherings are allowed (if they can fit through the three-centimetre tall doorway)
  • Shoes off – especially high heels
  • No tall orders please – but we’re happy to accommodate small requests

The full $10 cost for an overnight stay at Knuffingen will be donated to Hanseatic Help. No overnight stay or tour of Miniatur Wunderland is being purchased. To arrange a tour, please visit for more information.

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About Miniatur Wunderland
Miniatur Wunderland is the world‘s largest model railway and Hamburg‘s no. 1 tourist attraction. More than 16 million visitors from all over the world have already visited this superlative miniature world. Spreading over 1,499 square metres, a unique and outstanding exhibition arose in 795,000 man hours and it keeps on growing. Next to sophisticated technologies, the Wunderland is known for its captivating richness of detail: 265,000 figures lovingly set in scene, moving cars and ships – even airplanes are taking off and landing at Knuffingen Airport every minute. Since February 2018 the new section, Venice, is open to the public. The Miniatur Wunderland is a breathtaking microcosm unmatched anywhere in this world.

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