Update: COVID-19 travel restrictions across Australia

Governments across Australia are implementing new measures in response to the  coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, including travel restrictions and measures designed to limit the spread of the pandemic to protect public health in the community.  

These are challenging times for all Australians, and Airbnb is committed to working with the Commonwealth, state, and territory governments to help slow the spread of COVID-19. 

During this time, we advise hosts and guests on Airbnb to fully understand what has been asked of them and to strictly adhere to the directions of government authorities. 

We urge hosts and guests to pay close attention to travel guidance and health advisories issued by relevant governmental, law enforcement and health authorities. 

These measures may vary from state to state, and may include:

  • limiting travel to only essential travel
  • restrictions on some inter- and intra-state travel and travel to regional and remote communities, and 
  • guidelines for physical distancing. 

Please be aware that in many states, non compliance with these directions may be punishable by imprisonment and/or significant financial penalties. 

Below is a list of Commonwealth, state, and territory specific resources to help hosts and guests find up-to-date information. We encourage hosts and guests to continue checking these websites to stay up-to-date with changes and new measures being implemented. 

Commonwealth Government 

Australian Capital Territory 

New South Wales 

Northern Territory


South Australia



Western Australia

Further information

For more Airbnb resources on COVID-19, please refer to our dedicated COVID-19 Resource Hub

The Airbnb Team