Airbnb Rings in the Festival of Lights with Diwali Campaign

As autumn approaches, India gears up to celebrate the festival of Diwali – which celebrates the triumph of light over darkness. With the launch of its Diwali campaign, Airbnb is inviting the world to celebrate the vibrant festival with India, the way locals do. In line with Airbnb’s vision of a world where anyone can “Belong Anywhere’, the campaign captures how there are no strangers on Airbnb.  

The campaign follows the journey of a traveler during the auspicious festival of lights, when the whole country basks in the spirit of festivity. She is seen being welcomed into a beautiful home and by the family of her Airbnb host. Guided by the local expertise of her host, the traveler spends her time in India indulging in typical Diwali preparation – eating sweet treats, decorating the home with flowers and a splash of colour, and most importantly lighting lamps to bring light into the home and into life. She is seen planning for festivities with her Airbnb family, and participating in rituals as she celebrates the culture and cuisine that are intrinsic to the festival. The premise appeals to the sensibilities of the new age traveler who is seeking a one of its kind experience by immersing oneself in the local life and creating vivid memories.

“The best way to experience a new place is to immerse oneself in the local culture by living like locals do, and Airbnb offers travelers the chance to do just that. Festivals are an intrinsic part of any culture, and the ‘festival of lights’ is a time India comes together in the spirit of celebration. The Airbnb Diwali campaign resonates this spirit by showcasing how the tradition of Indian hospitality can make anybody feel like a local. It aims to give travelers a glimpse of the enriching experience when they travel to India and live with Airbnb hosts.”

Juliana Nguyen, ‎Regional Brand Marketing Director, APAC, Airbnb

The campaign is a part of Airbnb’s larger global campaign, Live There which gives travelers a refreshing perspective of popular destinations through curated experiences which break away from standard itineraries.

Announcement Highlights

  •    With over 24,000 homes listed on Airbnb in India, travelers have a chance to truly participate in the most widely celebrated festival in the country, when they live like locals do, in an Airbnb home
  •    Airbnb has unveiled a Diwali campaign which showcases how anyone in the world, regardless of their cultural background, can get an inside view into how the festival is celebrated in India