Farah Khan sets new family travel goals on her latest trip to Spain with Airbnb

As ever more families seek unique travel experiences, Airbnb is becoming their first stop when making any travel plan. Farah Khan, the renowned Bollywood director and choreographer, chose a beautiful Airbnb listing in Barcelona as her home away from home where she enjoyed a relaxing summer getaway with her triplets. The family made the most of their time together while exploring Barcelona like locals do – soaking in the rich architectural and cultural history of the Mediterranean city while experiencing vibrant Catalan and traditions.

Farah chose a plush Airbnb home located in the middle of Barcelona with panoramic views of the Casa Batlló as her home base. Stylish yet functional, the 9 bedroom apartment features a host of amenities ideal for families travelling with kids including a fully stocked kitchen with all necessary appliances, spacious rooms with multiple beds as well as a baby crib.

Farah shares some travel tips to help families plan their next vacation:

  • Think about every detail – Travelling with kids isn’t the same as travelling with your friends. You have to be prepared for the unexpected –  forgetting to pack the bedtime bear or your daughter missing out on her favourite pair of shorts. These situations are bound to erupt out of the blue! My rule is – make sure you plan and pack everything in advance so that you are equipped with solutions for whatever that comes your way.
  • Travel light and wise – Choosing a home  in Airbnb’s Family Collections portfolio is a great way of ensuring you have what you need. Select a home for the stay that offers all the comforts and amenities as  yours. Spacious, comfortable properties which offer a well-equipped kitchen and multiple entertainment options for your kids such as a pool, playroom and other amenities suitable for  kids of varying age groups is wise.
  • Keep them entertained – Long haul flights can be a time for you to catch up on some sleep, but your kids might not feel the same! Make sure you have their in-flight entertainment sorted beforehand to avoid any last minute complications.
  • Go Local  Never forget to  ask your host  for recommendations. The best part about travelling with Airbnb is the local insights that hosts provide! From a cute neighborhood cafe that features a kids menu, to a hidden urban garden where your little tikes can run around, your local host is sure to add more value to your trip than any online recommendation ever could!

Take a look at Farah’s family vacation with her kids in Barcelona:

Here’s a picture of Farah’s kids and their friends outside their Airbnb Home.

All you need to do to start your day on a good note is to get a hug from your kids 🙂 Here’s a picture of Farah along with her daughters at her Barcelona Airbnb Home terrace.

Everyone needs a ME time. Here’s Farah enjoying a cup of tea at her Spanish hacienda before the kids wake up and her mommy mode is on.

Here’s a picture of Farah chilling and bonding with the kids over ice cream: