#HeroHost Shuchir on how the power of social media can help the community

Since the onset of the pandemic, social media has proved to be an important communication tool, keeping friends and families close through isolation, social distancing and lockdowns. 

Social influencer and Airbnb Host Shuchir has a significant following across his social media handles, and he has used social media as a force of good to help people . From amplifying requests for hospital beds, medical care and oxygen supply, listing Covid-19 related resources and treatment flowcharts for quarantined patients to connecting isolated patients with those supplying food, Shuchir has used the power of social media to help people everyday.

In addition, Shuchir, a firm advocate for vaccination, attempts to talk about it online at every given opportunity. While he has got his entire family vaccinated, he believes it is his responsibility to do the same for his staff and has since helped register and secure vaccination slots for them as well. 

“Mass inoculation is the only way our country can beat this and resume some sense of normalcy in light of the current situation,” he says.

“The first few requests were organic,” says Shuchir on how he began his relief efforts on social media. However, as the second wave hit, his role evolved from just spreading the word to amplification at a larger scale. He also played a role in getting donations for various charities working towards Covid-19 relief, as well as compiling verified resources for medication, tests and doctors. 

Through his many efforts, Shuchir was able to create awareness about mental health and wellbeing, especially for the underprivileged.

For his well-being, he tries to maintain a positive attitude by adhering to a work routine, regular exercise and a balanced diet. He also ensures his weekends are about unwinding and relieving pent up stress. 

On what keeps him going, he says, “Humanity is the only inspiration and we need to do our best in challenging times and rise above the ashes. My personality has driven me to always enjoy the good times with people and never back down when the going gets tough.”

Any form of influence, he says, should be used to guide people with verified information and a positive outlook.

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