Rohan Bopanna’s Guide to Melbourne: Tennis Pro Shares His Travel Tips

If you spend a mere five minutes searching for ‘travel guides’ online, you will find more than you’ll ever need. From guides for solo travellers and families to city and food guides; searching for the perfect travel plan can be a tad bit confusing. While having options is often empowering; when planning a trip to a new city it can just as easily, be overwhelming.

Airbnb has the perfect guide to Melbourne, courtesy India’s Tennis pro himself: Rohan Bopanna.

Travelling since he turned pro at the age of 23 if there’s one thing Rohan Bopanna knows his way around, aside from a tennis court and coffee, it’s probably travel. With a life spent mostly on the go, and several trips to Melbourne over the years; we caught up with the tennis star at the Australian Open to learn more about his must-do’s in Melbourne.

Here’s a guide to the best neighborhoods, homes and restaurants personally vetted by Rohan!

Rohan at his Airbnb home in Melbourne, brewing a cup of coffee, with beans from his eponymous label

  • For Spectacular food in Melbourne, head on over to Rohan’s all-time favourites. Starting with Neil Perry’s Spice Temple, which is a modern Chinese restaurant with a culinary focus on China’s lesser-known regions; Rohan’s other must-tries include Chin Chin Restaurant that serves a quintessentially Australian take on Asian food and Mr Miyagi, a vibrant Japanese restaurant with a wide collection of sake and whiskey.
  • When in Australia, exploring Australian coffee is a must. “Australia has great coffee, and there are some great places on Oxford street” shared Rohan while reminding coffee lovers, that he plans on releasing a second blend for his eponymous label after he returns from Australia. If you find yourself in Melbourne, indulge in this immersive coffee tasting and brewing Airbnb Experience that will take you through flavour profiles and various brewing techniques.
  • When you travel for work or leisure, always choose Airbnb. An avid user, Rohan has been travelling with Airbnb for over 5 years. “For me staying at an Airbnb is way better than staying anywhere else, because it feels like home and the place gives me the freedom to cook and enjoy with my family as well as my coach and physio, all in one space. You are not stuck in the bedroom or bathroom and you have more spaces to relax, which keeps the mind refreshed. Having grown up in Coorg, staying in this Airbnb in Melbourne with such an amazing view was like a breath of fresh air.” Aside from privacy and convenience of locations, Rohan always chooses Airbnb for the sheer amount of space it offers. ”Space makes a big difference. Having a space beyond bedroom makes a difference.”
  • Travel light and pack tight is the essence of Rohan’s travel motto. I’m an “easy and smart traveller who doesn’t pack too many clothes or other stuff. I just feel if I need something I will get it in that city!”
  • Lastly, if you’re looking for a true Melbourne Experience, Rohan also suggests visiting the Sky Deck, which has the best views in all of Melbourne. Additionally, see all of Melbourne in one action-packed day with Airbnb’s Kombi Van Tour: Best of Melbourne. You’ll discover Melbourne’s historic gardens, colourful beachside icons, and picture-perfect piers all from the comfort of an authentic 1974-restored VW Kombi Van. You won’t regret it!

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