Airbnb Guest Arrivals During Royal Wedding Boosted Local Economy by Over £11 Million

  •   Guest spending over the Royal Wedding weekend brought more than £11 million to the local economy in London, Windsor and surrounding areas
  •  Top five nationalities that travelled to Windsor: UK, US, Israel, Canada and Australia
  • 34% of hosts​ in Windsor were hosting on Airbnb for the first time over Royal Wedding weekend

Following what’s been dubbed the “the world’s most romantic royal wedding”, Airbnb today revealed that guest spending in London, Windsor and the surrounding areas generated over £11 million* for the local economy over the Royal Wedding weekend.  

With record breaking guest arrivals, hosts in London, Windsor and surrounding areas were able to earn extra income from welcoming guests into their homes, whilst visitor spending had a positive impact and helped boost local businesses and communities alike.

While the average prices remained affordable in Windsor, Airbnb offered an attractive option for guests despite unprecedented demand, with an estimated 194% growth in guest arrivals over the wedding weekend. In Windsor, 44% of guest arrivals travelled from across the UK for the big day, while 39% were from the US, the bride’s home country. In London, 21% of guests were domestic travellers and 21% travelled from the US.

The top guest arrivals to London and Windsor, ranked by nationality were:


  1.      US
  2.     UK
  3.     France
  4.     Germany
  5.     Australia


  1.      UK
  2.     US
  3.     Israel
  4.     Canada
  5.     Australia

The Royal Wedding weekend was the perfect chance for hosts on Airbnb to demonstrate the very best of English hospitality, extending a warm royal welcome to international and domestic visitors. Hosting during events can not only help home hosts increase their income but it can also spread the benefits to local families and communities.

This weekend was no exception as guests basking in sunshine, enjoyed the many local shops and restaurants on offer; it was the ultimate opportunity to celebrate one of the most culturally iconic and romantic events in history.

James McClure, General Manager for Northern Europe at Airbnb

The Impact

Host income During the Royal Wedding weekend, ​the typical Windsor host earnt 318% more over the same weekend last year.

Guest spending Guests in London, Windsor and the surrounding areas spent over £11 million over the wedding weekend.

First-time hosts For homeowners in Windsor, the opportunity to utilize a valuable asset, their home, has proven appealing. During the Royal Wedding weekend, 34% of hosts​ in Windsor were hosting on Airbnb for the first time.

Pricing Prices remained affordable for listings on Airbnb in London, Windsor and the surrounding areas during the Royal Wedding weekend despite unprecedented demand. Typically, a host in London was estimated to earn an average of £197 by renting out their home, whilst hosts in Windsor were set to earn an average of £353 across the weekend. ​

Hosts in London, Windsor, Reading, Maidenhead and Slough offered more than a room over the weekend. They offered the best in British hospitality during a significant cultural occasion and an opportunity for guests to experience their neighbourhoods as the locals do. Our goal is that for many of the Royal Wedding guests who travelled to Windsor and the surrounding areas for the first time, they’ll be motivated by their experiences with local hosts to come back again and again, ensuring a sustainable and long-term economic impact for the region.

*According to Airbnb data for 18th – 20th May 2018, conducted in May 2018

*Converted from USD as of May 18th 2018