Airbnb offers thoughts on Scottish Government’s response to Expert Advisory Panel

Last week the Scottish Government issued its response to the Scottish Expert Advisory Panel on the Collaborative Economy Report which was published earlier this year. Airbnb supports the collaborative approach the Government has taken and is pleased to see that it clearly outlines the benefits which the collaborative economy can bring to Scotland.

Earlier this year, Airbnb outlined its commitment to work with the Scottish Government and proposed recommendations for regulation for home sharing in Edinburgh. Patrick Robinson, Airbnb’s Director of Public Policy in EMEA also wrote an op-ed outlining why Airbnb is keen to reach an agreement on regulation in Scotland.

With that in mind, Airbnb believes it is critical that the established Short Term Lets Delivery Group engage with the industry when piloting regulation for Edinburgh in order for it to be truly effective. We believe an evidence-based approach is crucial and Airbnb has already demonstrated its commitment to openness and transparency by providing information to the Scottish Government last year, and we are keen to continue to inform this process and policy debate.

Finally, Airbnb strongly believes that hosts should be included in this conversation. As users of the collaborative economy, hosts have insight and information to add to this dialogue that should be properly considered prior to any final proposals from the Short Term Lets Delivery Group’s regulatory review. As a next action – Airbnb is writing to the Short Term Lets Delivery Group to request that hosts can participate in the consultation process.