Airbnb Reveals People Opting for Solo Travel this Valentine’s Day

  • Solo bookings on V Day weekend increase by over 200% globally compared to last year – over 150% increase for British solo travellers
  • Those looking for Valentine’s romance prefer London, Edinburgh, Amsterdam and Madrid to Paris


New data from Airbnb has revealed that a number of people are now shunning Valentine’s Day and travelling alone over what is generally considered the most romantic weekend of the year.

Solo bookings over the Valentine’s weekend have increased by over 200% compared to last year, and over 150% increase amongst British travellers*, as people round the world are turning their back on the commercial romance associated with V Day in favour of spending time taking a trip in their own company.

Even for those who still believe in the magic of Valentine’s Day, it appears the more traditional destination choice is fading as the favourite of the romantically inclined. Paris, often regarded as the romantic capital of the world, has seen a lower increase (96%) in two-person bookings over the last year than other European cities like London (175%), Edinburgh (125%), Amsterdam (105%) and Madrid (102%), as couples seek out alternative locations to feel the love.

For those looking to travel solo or those looking to spend a romantic Valentines Day with their partner, Airbnb has some beautiful one-bed properties on the platform…

Kent, UK
From £175 per night
Edinburgh, UK
From £95 per night
Cornwall, UK
From £68 per night
Claddach Valley, UK
From £141 per night

Photo credit: Cara Forbes Photography

Brighton, UK
From £80 per night
Argyll and Bute, UK
From £110 per night

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*Based on internal Airbnb data for year-over-year growth in global and UK bookings by solo travellers for February 15-18, 2019 compared to February 16-19, 2018.