Airbnb Reveals Top 10 Trending Destinations for European Mini-Breaks

  • Brits are heading East this Autumn, according to new European data released by Airbnb
  • Istanbul is named the top trending destination for UK travellers on Airbnb, showing guest arrival growth of 141%
  • Eastern European cities in the top ten include ten include Kiev (107%), Bratislava (78%) and Vilnius (74%)
  • 500,000 Brits have booked European breaks outside of the UK between now and mid December


Airbnb has today revealed its top trending European destinations for Brits booking mini-breaks this Autumn.

Turkish city Istanbul has seen the biggest jump in popularity, expecting an inbound British guest arrival growth of 141% between now and the middle of December. The city, which has recently made headlines for its growing affordability, has topped the list of trending destinations this Autumn.

Eastern European cities have seen a popularity boost too, with Kiev (107%), Bratislava (78%) and Vilnius (74%) expecting a surge in British guests compared to the same time last year, despite average lows of -4 degrees celsius predicted over the next few months across those cities.

The list is rounded off with some sunnier destinations, frequented by those not ready to say goodbye to the sunshine just yet. Corfu (88%), Sliema in Malta (87%) and St Paul’s Bay (75%), also in Malta, which offer sunseekers average highs of 24 degrees celsius across the two mediterranean islands, are all expecting a significant growth in popularity with British travellers.

Top 10 trending European destinations on Airbnb for British travellers this autumn:

Istanbul, Turkey (141%)

Kiev, Ukraine (107%)

Serris, France (99%)

Corfu, Greece (88%)

Sliema, Malta (87%)

Cork, Ireland (83%)

Bratislava, Slovakia (78%)

Vienna, Austria (77%)

St Paul’s Bay, Malta (75%)

Vilnius, Lithuania (74%)

Kiev, Ukraine
Bratislava, Slovakia
Vilnius, Lithuania
Vienna, Austria

As the nation is battered by storms to conclude an otherwise unusually sunny summer, it seems many are planning a European getaway to escape the turning weather, as Airbnb reports that over 500,000 Brits are planning European breaks outside of the UK between now and mid December.


British travellers are always looking to discover new destinations and it appears the nation is embracing Eastern European hotspots this autumn. We can only expect to see this trend continue over the coming year, as more and more people look to visit new parts of the continent.

Hadi Moussa, Airbnb General Manager for Northern Europe 

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¹Airbnb data taken from 1 September 2018 to 17 December 2018. Stats pulled on 20th September. As time goes on more listings will become available and more bookings will be made, so the figures are expected to rise

²Average temperatures taken from the NOAA between October-December 2018:

³Trending destinations outside of the UK in Europe in terms of YoY growth of inbound British guest arrivals between 2018-09-01 to 2018-12-17 vs 2017-09-01 to 2017-12-17