Airbnb Teams Up with the Post Office Travel Money’s Holiday Hotlist

Airbnb has joined forces with Post Office Travel Money to showcase examples of unique homes around the world. The Post Office Travel Money’s Holiday Hotlist highlights 10 destinations around the world based on affordable local costs, favourable sterling exchange rates to boost the spending power of UK tourists and local cultural events and celebrations in the year ahead. Here are the top 10:

1 . Turkey

Turkey is a vivid mix of cultural influences and home to a whole host of natural wonders, including Pamukkale hot springs and Cappadocia’s fairy chimneys. It’s unsurprising that it’s making a comeback and either for a long weekend or an extended trip, it’s the ideal destination to soak up some culture.

Here are examples of homes on Airbnb in Turkey.

2 . Bali

Bali is one of the most popular Indonesian islands, and certainly a land of great contrasts. Inland, forested volcanic mountains and iconic rice paddies dot the landscape, while expansive beaches and coral reef surround island. Known for its yoga and meditation retreats, Bali is the perfect destination for those seeking rest and relaxation in 2019, and with a wide selection of Airbnb Plus homes around the island, travellers can enjoy added peace of mind during their trip.

Here are examples of homes on Airbnb in Bali.

3 . Spain

Spain is a beautiful country, with a vast range of areas to explore. It’s known for its famous beach towns and buzzing metropolitan cities, but it’s great to see more and more interest in the beautiful and unusual areas the country has to offer, which provide an enticing mix of culture, food and history that’s off the beaten track.

Here are examples of homes on Airbnb in Spain.

4 . Bratislava

The capital of Slovakia, Bratislava has a rich medieval and gothic history, imbued with baroque palaces and castles previously inhabited by the Romans. The city is also known for its lively nightlife, trendy bars and cafes and, with this stunning blend of history and culture, it’s not difficult to see why it made this year’s list. An ideal city break for families and couples, there is a beautiful selection of stylish apartments listed on Airbnb in the heart of the city, only a stone’s throw away from the Danube River.

Here are examples of homes on Airbnb in Bratislava.

5 . Porto

Famous for its port wine and stately bridges, the coastal city of Porto is having a moment. Guests can cosy up inside a newly renovated 19th century studio whilst learning about the city’s rich history in some of its most popular art galleries while soaking up the local atmosphere. Those looking for something extra special can book an Airbnb Plus home in the city; a new premium tier of homes that have been inspected against a 100+ point checklist covering design, amenities and hospitality.

Here are examples of homes on Airbnb in Porto.

6 . Iceland

With so much to see and do in this hot spot, travellers can have a truly unique and magical holiday. Guests can venture through the idyllic residences of Akureyri and Reykjavik, on a pathway of properties along the famous Golden Circle Route, leading to some of the country’s most stunning natural attractions.

Here are examples of homes on Airbnb in Iceland.

7 . Croatia

Croatia has continued to grow in popularity in recent years as more and more travellers have fallen for the charm of this European haven. Travellers can explore the old city of Dubrovnik, soak up rays along the coast, or head to Hvar and stay in beautiful, unique listings on Airbnb on the island.

Here are examples of homes on Airbnb in Croatia.

8 . Southern Italy

With an extensive coastline and a laid-back, rustic vibe, southern Italy offers simplicity and rugged charm. While its larger cities, such as Rome and Naples, remain popular, other destinations in Italy’s boot are enjoying a rise in visitors. In particular, Matera, the European capital of culture in 2019, has caught the eye of travellers, and locals have welcomed the surge in popularity, opening the doors to their limestone cave dwellings to guests on Airbnb and offering a unique glimpse at life in the ancient Sassi settlement.

Here are examples of homes on Airbnb in Southern Italy.

9 . India

In India there is something for every type of traveller. Whether it’s trekking through Himalayan peaks in the north, diving with manta rays, sharks, and dolphins in the Indian Ocean, or exploring the many vibrant, bustling towns and cities. India’s abundance of festivals has also long been a draw for travellers, and they offer an opportunity for guests and locals alike to celebrate flowers, colour, fire or even camels to name a few.

Here are examples of homes on Airbnb in India.

10 . Patagonia

Straddling Chile and Argentina, and extending to South America’s most southerly tip, Patagonia is a draw for those who love the outdoors. Grasslands and deserts give way to glacial fjords, and the Andes mountains, which run through Patagonia, offer skiing during the winter months, and exhilarating climbs in summer.

Here are examples of homes on Airbnb in Patagonia.

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