Airbnb to work with UK cities on host registration proposals

Airbnb is today announcing that it will collaborate with hosts, communities and politicians across the UK on proposals for a clear, modern and simple registration system for short-term rentals in UK cities.

Starting on 26 September, Airbnb will begin a 6-month roadshow of major cities across the UK to meet with policymakers, city leaders and local hosts to share the positive impacts of home sharing, listen to proposals for a registration system of short term lets and to discuss how it can work together with everyone to help make home sharing part of the solution to local challenges.

Airbnb will collate learnings and proposals for a registration system in a white paper that it will present to government, policymakers, city leaders and other key stakeholders in 2020.

“We want to be good partners to cities and work together on a host registration system that is easy to follow, gives authorities the information they need to regulate home sharing effectively, and that ultimately makes communities stronger. Airbnb has long led the way on home sharing rules in London and we want to extend that collaboration across the UK, based on our experience of working with more than 500 governments across the world. We hope that other industry players will join us in this important work.”

Patrick Robinson, Director of Public Policy at Airbnb

The UK does not currently have a registration scheme for short-term lets, and some local authorities and politicians have stated that a registration system is essential to regulate home sharing effectively.

Airbnb already automatically restricts how often London hosts can share their homes, helping them follow the rules and supporting the local 90-day hosting limit. 

Airbnb also recently backed calls from the Mayor of London to introduce a registration system in the capital to ensure that these rules are applied fairly and equally to hosts on all platforms, and to further ensure that home sharing grows responsibly and sustainably.

Today’s news comes as Airbnb shared its support for a registration system in Scotland, having already backed calls for a local tourist tax. 

Proposed destinations for Airbnb’s UK roadshow include Edinburgh, Glasgow, Bristol and Bath, Manchester, Brighton and the ‘South West’ (Cornwall) among others.