Brighton Hosts on Airbnb Welcome Pride Festival-Goers to the City this Weekend

  • Hosts in Brighton are expected to welcome over 5,000 guest arrivals this weekend
  • Local host reveals top tips for hosting performers during Pride
  • Hosts on Airbnb in Brighton expected to earn a combined total of £50,000 through sharing their home this weekend


One of the UK’s most colourful Pride events kicks off this weekend in Brighton and with a highlighly anticipated headline act, it’s no wonder that hosts on Airbnb are expecting an influx of guests over the weekend.

Today, Airbnb reveals that Brighton hosts on Airbnb are expected to welcome over 5,000 guest arrivals into their homes this weekend to celebrate Brighton Pride and earn a combined total of over £50,000 with the average daily rate at £110 per room per night.* Thanks to the high profile headline act performing on Saturday, it’s no wonder that hosts are seeing a rise in guests this year.

Like other British seaside locations, Brighton has been benefiting from the UK heatwave and ranks fourth amongst the most popular British cities this summer for guest arrivals on Airbnb.** The festival is also proving especially popular among Brits; the top Brighton guest arrivals on Airbnb over the Pride weekend, ranked by city are:***

1. London, UK

2. Dublin, Ireland

3. Bristol, UK

4. Manchester, UK

5. Portsmouth, UK

Brighton host Barbara has lived in Brighton for the past 22 years and has been a host on Airbnb for the past five. Immani, Pride performer and guest on Airbnb first rented a private room in Barbara’s home on Airbnb in 2014 and has returned every year since.

Barbara’s top tips for hosting a Pride performer

1. Be flexible: Performers have hectic schedules during the festival and it’s likely they’ll being coming and going across the weekend.

2. Make them feel welcome and important: I leave flowers in the rooms and buy fresh bread every day for breakfast, it’s important that Immani has energy before a busy day of performing!

3. Get to know them: There are so many fascinating people who visit and perform at Pride, I often pick Immani up from the station when she arrives and enjoy a good catch up over a meal at home.

Brighton is one of my favourite places to celebrate and perform at Pride. The city epitomises the festival and over the weekend brings to the forefront the atmosphere that naturally exists day to day. I also love coming here because it reminds me of my hometown in Florida, and when I’ve been travelling for months, the beach, energy and colours of the city and the friendly welcome from Barbara makes me feel like I’ve come home.

Immani, Brighton Pride performer and guest on Airbnb

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*According to Airbnb data for 3 – 5 August 2018, data gathering conducted and converted from USD as of 30 July 2018

***Airbnb data taken from 21st June 2018 to 22nd September 2018, data gathering conducted on 30 July 2018