New report: travel on Airbnb boosts UK local communities and creates jobs

Key Takeaways

  • Travel on Airbnb boosted the UK economy by £2.9bn in 2022, supporting more than 107,000 jobs
  • Almost 40% of UK Hosts use the money they earn to afford their homes, and the rising cost of living

Key Takeaways

  • Travel on Airbnb boosted the UK economy by £2.9bn in 2022, supporting more than 107,000 jobs
  • Almost 40% of UK Hosts use the money they earn to afford their homes, and the rising cost of living

A new report has revealed the significant economic benefits that travel on Airbnb brings to communities across the UK, creating jobs that enable many people to continue living and working in the places they call home, and providing a financial lifeline to everyday families. 

The study, conducted by BiGGAR Economics and commissioned by Airbnb, found that stays on Airbnb boosted the UK economy by £2.9 billion last year, as travel rebounded from the pandemic and domestic and international guests once again began to explore all that the UK has to offer.

“Our analysis found that Airbnb makes a substantial contribution to the UK economy, by enabling locals to offer visitor accommodation, attracting travellers and encouraging tourists to visit lesser known cities and rural areas. The spending of these visitors supports jobs and businesses across the country, and the income received by Hosts generates significant economic benefits as it is also often spent in local economies.”

Graeme Blackett, Managing Director of BiGGAR Economics

Guests travelling on Airbnb stay in local areas and spend in nearby shops and restaurants, helping to support the small businesses that create strong communities.  Last year, over half of Airbnb guests said they took up their Host’s recommendation of a local business or place to visit1

The report reveals that stays booked on the platform supported over 107,000 jobs in the UK last year, across a diverse range of sectors, ranging from local bakeries to cosy pubs, cleaners, and knowledgeable tour guides.

Money spent by Airbnb guests and Hosts in the local community supports jobs right across the UK:

  • Scotland – 15,100 jobs
  • London – 22,500 jobs
  • North West region – 7,500 jobs
  • West Midlands – 4,300 jobs
  • South West – 17,800 jobs

“We’re proud that we help millions of guests discover the magic that Britain has to offer, enable everyday people to earn additional income from sharing their homes, and support more than 100,000 British jobs. Short term lets are a key pillar of the UK’s tourism economy, and Airbnb supports the introduction of rules that protect tourism, unlock the benefits of hosting for families, and help local authorities understand and address housing concerns in their communities.”

Amanda Cupples, General Manager for Northern Europe, Airbnb

Airbnb helps to disperse the benefits of tourism all over the country by partnering with cities for major events, benefiting local economies and communities. For instance, our collaborations with the West Midlands and Liverpool boosted tourism, and put money in the pockets of local people, businesses and communities.

Travel on Airbnb directly supports local people who Host on the platform, with up to 97% of what they charge landing in their pockets. As winter approaches and energy bills increase, the economic boost provided by Airbnb, both to Hosts and local communities, is more important than ever. 

Last year, almost 4 in 10 Hosts across the UK said the income they earn goes towards affording the rising cost of living, with the same proportion saying hosting helps them afford the homes they live in2. Nearly one in three Hosts said they planned to Host more because of the economic climate. 

The typical UK Host earns just over £6,000 a year – equivalent to two months additional pay for the median UK household. With one in four UK Hosts working in either education, healthcare or hospitality this is an increasingly vital income boost for everyday families in tough times. 

This data showcases how Airbnb is not only helping to revolutionise the way people travel and experience destinations, but also directly contributing to the livelihoods of countless individuals in communities across the UK. By empowering local businesses and everyday people, travel on Airbnb is fostering economic growth and supporting the vibrant fabric of the UK’s hospitality industry.

1Based on a survey of 16,416 Airbnb guests surveyed between December 14, 2022 and October 23, 2023. Margin of error under 2%.
2As above.