Sharing our 2023 gender pay gap results in Ireland

We are deeply committed to making Airbnb a place where people of all backgrounds, identities and experiences are treated equitably and can succeed. This is of vital importance as we strive to have 50% of global employees identify in the gender binary as women at every level by 2025. 

Since our last Gender Pay Gap Report, we are proud that in Ireland we have almost 400 Airbnb employees and 58% are women (compared to 49% globally) and in 2023, our annual compensation review in Ireland found that there were no statistically-significant gaps in our annual salary and equity refresh grants.

The Gender Pay Gap Information Act 2021 requires all companies with 250 or more employees to report their binary gender pay gap. Airbnb supports its important objective for greater workplace gender equity in Ireland.

You can see Airbnb’s full results and narrative for 2023 here.

*The 2022 report is available here.