What will change for hosts with regards to data sharing in 2021

Last update: November 2020

For more than ten years, we have been informing our host community about the regulation applicable to home-sharing in France. 

The Elan Act (2018), Finance bills and, more recently, the “Lecornu Bill” – voted in December 2019 – create data sharing obligations for platforms operating in France. In the below, we provide you with information related to these data sharing obligations with Cities in France.  

Reminder: hosts on Airbnb have nothing to do as part of this data sharing obligations for platforms: neither to bring new information to Airbnb, nor to modify the description of their listing on Airbnb. 

ELAN Act and “Lecornu” Act 

Short Term Rental platforms operating in France are required by the ELAN Act to provide municipalities that have introduced a “registration” procedure with information about accommodations that are listed on Airbnb: this is valid only for entire homes, both primary and secondary residences. 

Please note that the new law called “Lecornu Act” has recently added new information to be shared with cities. Upon request of these municipalities (maximum once a year), Airbnb will provide them with the following information: 

  • Host name (new);
  • Listing address;
  • Home type: primary residence or not (new);
  • Registration number – if mentioned on the listing;
  • Number of nights stayed in the accommodation during the current calendar year and, if the city so asks, during the previous calendar year.

Municipalities can send their request for information to Airbnb Ireland UC at territoires@airbnb.com. Find more information on our Responsible Hosting Page.

Please note: these data can only be requested by cities in France which have a valid registration procedure in place, which the host must comply with prior to renting a tourist accommodation for a short time. If you are a city official, please make sure that your cIty is in this scope before reaching out to Airbnb. 

Tourist Tax

Since January 1st, 2019, platforms collecting tourist tax are required to provide cities, together with the amount remitted and for each calendar year, with the following pieces of information:

  • Date of collection of the tax;
  • Address of the listing;
  • Number of guests;
  • Number of nights;
  • Price per night (for “non-classified listings” only, meublés non classés);
  • Total amount of tax collected during the year;
  • Registration number, if applicable and indicated in the listing (permit field)

That data is shared with cities twice a year, in December and June, at the same time as the tourist tax is remitted. Municipalities with questions about how Airbnb is collecting the tourist tax or about the data transmission can look at https://taxedesejour-airbnb.fr/ or contact Airbnb at the following address: contact@taxedesejour-airbnb.fr.  

Find more information on our Responsible Hosting Page.