How do I apply for a permit if I want to rent out my secondary apartment in Berlin on a daily or weekly basis?

The secondary apartment is your only apartment in Berlin.

  • You require a permit from the Bezirksamt. This is usually issued for a rental period of 90 days max. per calendar year. The permit costs 150 euros (for each residential unit). The permit is normally valid for 2 years. 

You obtain your permit as follows:

  1. Complete the form „Antrag auf Genehmigung für die zeitweise Ferienwohnungsvermietung und Vergabe einer Registriernummer einer selbstgenutzten Berliner Hauptwohnung oder einer Nebenwohnung gemäß § 3 Abs. 3 Nr. 2 und 3 ZwVbG“ (currently only in German). You can find the form here.

    You do not need to complete the following box: “Geben Sie Ihre voraussichtlichen Abwesenheitszeiträume an und erläutern Sie diese (nur Antragsteller Hauptwohnung)” – as this is not your “Hauptwohnung”, i.e. main apartment.

  2. Obtain the following documents:
  • If you’re a tenant:
    • Consent from the landlord for you to sublet the apartment for short periods 
    • A copy of your rental contract 
    • A copy of your certificate of registration (Meldebescheinigung)
  • If you’re the property owner:
    • A copy of the current land register entry (Grundbuchauszug
    • A copy of your certificate of registration (Meldebescheinigung)
  1. Send all the documents by post to the Bezirksamt relevant to your apartment: Click here to see the Bezirksämter and addresses:
  2. The Bezirksamt will then send you your permit and the associated registration number by post.
  3. Enter the registration number in the appropriate box on the Airbnb listing.

That’s it!