Airbnb 2017 Summer Travel Trends

It’s hard to believe that the long, lazy days of summer are almost upon us – and in 2017, the summer season is poised to be the busiest summer yet for Airbnb. With bookings doubling over 2016, we’re projecting that this summer will be the biggest travel season yet on Airbnb by a wide margin.

Since launching Trips, we’re getting more insight than ever not only on where guests are staying, but what they’re doing while they travel.

Trending Destinations

It’s no surprise that summer travel is synonymous with beach time for many travelers – and that’s reflected in trending destinations this year, with high growth in seaside enclaves. Based on growth in Memorial Day weekend bookings over this time last year, here are some of the destinations that have doubled or more in bookings:

  • Havana, Cuba – 940%
  • La Ciotat, France – 675%
  • Salou, Spain – 463%
  • Tainan, Taiwan – 424%
  • Levanto, Italy – 313%
  • Hanoi, Vietnam – 261%
  • Scarborough, England – 258%
  • Prince Edward, Canada – 243%
  • Destin, Florida – 232%
  • Rosarito, Mexico – 231%

Top Overall Destinations + Popular Listings

Despite the beach weekend or two (or four), cities are still the most popular overall destinations even in summer. Below are the most-booked destinations for this weekend, along with the most-wishlisted listing per city:

Most Popular Guidebooks

With Guidebooks, travelers can easily discover authentic spots to eat, drink and hang out recommended by local hosts and insiders. Our most-viewed Guidebooks offer a glimpse into what travelers are most interested in in top travel markets. Here are some of the most-viewed Guidebooks in our most popular cities:

Most Popular Experiences

Experiences booking data show that food and cooking activities are consistently popular among top markets, but that Airbnb guests don’t shy away from sports, music and arts-oriented excursions, either. Below are some of the top booked Experiences by market (as of early May 2017):

For more on Airbnb summer trends, download the infographic here.