Airbnb Animal Experiences Spotlight: KISS Concert for Great White Sharks

According to research, sound is an important underwater stimulus and apparently great white sharks have a distinct preference for heavy metal and rock and roll! So today, to launch Airbnb Animal Experiences, we are offering eight people the opportunity to join them for the rock and roll gig of a lifetime. For just $50 per person, guests will be able to head out to sea and join legendary rock band KISS as they perform for great whites off the southern coast of Australia.

Photo courtesy of Airbnb

On the ‘KISS Concert for Great White Sharks’ experience, guests will join host Matt Waller along with shark expert Dr. Blake Chapman and spend the day out on the water. They will learn about and observe marine animals [including sharks, dolphins, sea birds, sea lions and more] before heading out on the shark laden waters off the coast of Port Lincoln, Australia, where they’ll settle underwater in time for the rock out session. While guests descend into the boat’s ‘Aqua Sub’ viewing hull, KISS members Paul Stanley, Gene Simmons, Eric Singer, and Tommy Thayer will play their greatest hits up on deck, projected over and below water to attract the sharks.

“I’ve been helping people have meaningful — and memorable — experiences with great whites for years now, and you really get to see how all the sharks have different personalities. They even like different types of music!” said Waller. “The most important thing for me has always been to ensure that the encounters are responsible and ethical. For that, it helps that the humans are the ones in the cage,” he joked. “And now with KISS, we’re taking it to a whole new level — humans will be entertaining the sharks, not the other way around.” 

Waller’s philosophy is emblematic of the vision for Airbnb Animal Experiences as a whole. Vetted against new, industry-leading animal welfare guidelines, each Experience in this new category will focus on creating respectful connections with wildlife that promote empathy and respect for the animals themselves. 

Photo courtesy of Airbnb

This time we’re really going “down under” and making sure we give the great white sharks something they can sink their teeth into.

Paul Stanley, KISS

Airbnb Animal Experiences offer fresh new ways to connect with animals near and far, so that even busy urbanites can reconnect with the natural world. The intention is to give people a deeper understanding of animals so that they, in turn, can become animal advocates. To that end, guests on the ‘KISS Concert for Great White Sharks’ experience will also be accompanied by shark expert Dr. Blake Chapman of Australian Geographic.

“Research has indicated that low-frequency and pulsed sounds can be attractive to some shark species. Interestingly, different animals (even within the same species) appear to respond to sounds differently,” said Dr. Chapman. “Sharks are among the world’s most misunderstood animals. It’s important for people to learn that sharks are worthy of respect and protection. This unique experience offers an opportunity to see sharks in a different light, helping to foster greater appreciation for these iconic animals.”

All proceeds from the ‘KISS Concert for Great White Sharks’ experience will go towards the Australian Marine Conservation Society. To book ‘KISS at Sea with Great White Sharks’ visit on Monday October 14, 6pm ET. The Experience will take place on November 18, and is available for $50 per person. 

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