Airbnb hosts clean a turtle beach in Petempich

On May 19th, as part of the activities of Week for Good, Airbnb hosts and employees from Cancún, Puerto Morelos and Playa del Carmen, in alliance with the National Commission for the Protection of Natural Areas and the NGO Heel Habilidades; were joined by local hotel employees from Puerto Morelos to clean a beach in the Petempich Bay. 

Airbnb hosts clean a turtle beach in Petempich | Airbnb Citizen

The objective was to rehabilitate the area for the turtle nesting season and to create awareness of the impact trash, especially plastic, has on the fragile marine ecosystems.

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This is the first collaborative effort of its kind in this beach, led by the Airbnb community. Petempich is considered one of the most important nesting sites for marine turtles, so its recovery has been a priority for the local Airbnb Host community.

The importance of this beach was reflected in the number of volunteers that showed up to clean it: over 150 people. They all worked together to clear the area of trash so turtles can pass safely to lay eggs, and the babies can then return to the ocean. “We clean our beaches like we clean our homes, this is how it starts,” said Manolo Ruiz, director of Heel Habilidades A.C. an ally in this activity and cause.

Here you can see a complete report made by Heel Habilidades about the activity.