Airbnb Welcomes EU Agreement on Tax Reporting

Around the world, the Airbnb community is generating significant economic benefits for local communities and helping to spread the benefits of tourism. Since Airbnb was founded, Hosts globally have earned over $110 billion welcoming guests through the platform and in 2019 Host income and guest spending in our top 30 markets alone amounted to $117 billion. To date, we have collected and remitted over $2.6 billion in tourism and hotel taxes. 

Airbnb wants to continue to work with governments on fair tax rules for everyone and welcomes the agreement by EU Member States on a common tax reporting framework for digital platforms (known as DAC 7). These updated rules will help support a more consistent, standardised and international approach to information sharing. 

We want to be a good partner on tax and these new rules will help to streamline the work we already do with Hosts to ensure that the growth of the platform benefits everyone. European Hosts have already attended tax workshops with independent tax experts, arranged by Airbnb, to help them better understand their tax obligations. 

Airbnb also already reports Host earnings in many jurisdictions across the EU, including in France, Ireland and Spain, and this measure will help everyone work together on a more streamlined and efficient way forward. 

We are looking forward to this Directive being transposed into national law with the support of Member States, to ensure consistency across the EU bloc.