Are you a homesharer who wishes to rent a room in your private residence?

Private room rentals

According to this law you only need a registration number (free of any charges by the city) for renting a room in your main residence, provided that the share of this room is less than 50 % of the total size of your residence. A permit isn’t required according to the Zweckentfremdungsverbotsgesetz (ZwVbG), unless you want to rent out more than 50 % of the total size of your residence.

Display of registration number

In your Airbnb listing – as long as you are offering accommodation – you will need to provide a registration number. You can get this registration number from your local district office, where you must register your rental activity before renting for the first time. You must then enter your registration number in the appropriate field in your Airbnb listing. You can find that field by following these instructions: Go to “Listings” and select the listing for which you wish to add the registration number, go to “policies and rules” and scroll down until you see the section “laws and regulations”, next to “regulations” click on “edit”, and finally next to “Add a permit number” click on “add”.