Atlas Obscura’s Hidden World Wonders Now Available on Airbnb

Airbnb has partnered with Atlas Obscura to bring the world’s most unusual places and hidden wonders to Airbnb’s global community. The popular trips and unique activities created by the Brooklyn-based media company are now bookable exclusively on Airbnb and Atlas Obscura.

Atlas Obscura creates unique experiences by leveraging local experts and leaders within its diverse community of 7 million monthly unique visitors, 630,000 contributors, and countless buyers of its best-selling books. From an authority on Eastern European brutalist architecture to an avian biologist who specializes in nesting data on flammulated owls, these unforgettable activities and multi-day trips fully immerse you in each host’s unique world. 

“Atlas Obscura has excelled at providing the kind of unique and memorable experiences that travelers are seeking and this partnership will make our companies and our community even stronger,” said Airbnb Vice President and Head of Experiences Joe Zadeh. “We can’t wait to introduce our global community to some of these amazing adventures and experiences.”

Atlas Obscura Experiences and Adventures prices range from $25 to $7,000. Guests can choose between 32 Experiences and 14 Adventures in more than 10 countries that blend wonder with wanderlust, taking you far beyond your typical tour or class. See below for a few highlights of Atlas Obscura Experiences, all designed for the curious and now bookable on Airbnb: 

Kingdoms of Andalucía (Seville, Spain) 

Spend eight days exploring the haunted palaces and secret gardens of southern Spain. This Adventure takes you to Andalucía’s most stunning architecture remains, brilliantly haunted by the region’s many imperial lives. You’ll learn about the waves of empires and kingdoms that once ruled while wandering through palace halls, descending into underground corridors, and discovering hidden gardens — all to unearth the complex, royal past of the forgotten kingdoms of Seville, Cordoba, and Granada.

Vietnam’s Most Delicious Dishes  (Hanoi, Vietnam)

Experience a world of history, culture, and tradition in Vietnam through what’s arguably the best street food on the planet. On this nine-day journey, you’ll explore Vietnam through its unique cuisine, tasting your way across North, Central, and South Vietnam. Learn firsthand from local chefs while sampling street eats and savoring freshly caught seafood. Between bites, you’ll meet with artists, authors and veterans to hear about the history of these different regions. Come with an eager palette, an empty stomach, and (possibly) a flexible return ticket—once you’ve had a taste of this place, it’s difficult to say goodbye!

The Chicago Underground Scavenger Hunt (Chicago, IL)

A unique scavenger hunt that teaches you the history of the Chicago Pedway and how to navigate the city completely underground—something many Chicagoans don’t know how to do. It’s a race to find the final location, exploring the city’s hidden corners and discovering new ways to get around along the way. Crack the codes to find your host, Leyla, waiting at a secret location. First to the last stop gets a prize, each guest gets a drink – everyone’s a winner!

Sante Fe Weekend: Art & Tradition (Santa Fe, NM)

Spend a weekend immersed in the deeply rooted tradition and constantly evolving art-scape of northern New Mexico. Explore Santa Fe through a behind-the-scenes tour of local artist studios where you’ll learn more about the region’s history and heritage. Join your host for a homemade feast-day style meal, dipping your fingers into the healing soil of El Santuario de Chimayo, and satisfying your palates with some famously sweet and smoky heirloom Chimayo peppers.

Cemetery Spirits & Stories: Brave Women (Washington, D.C.)

Join a D.C. area native for an evening of wine, spirits, and stories in the cemetery that J. Edgar Hoover, Madam Mary Anne Hall, Marion Berry, and other notables call their eternal home. You’ll wander the historic grounds at sunset, beverage in hand, and enjoy wine and light snacks in the very vault in which Dolley Madison once laid. This Experience will highlight an array of brave and brilliant ladies— famed suffragists, civil rights advocates, journalists, artists, and more.

Sailing Sardina’s Hidden Coastlines (Sardina, Italy)

Explore uninhabited islands, abandoned bunkers, and sunken ships during a week of sailing the crystalline waters of Sardinia. Trace these ancient coastline stories through abandoned lighthouses, Roman ruins, World War II naval bases, sunken ships, and historic cairns still peaking above the waterline. Along the way, you’ll have daily opportunities to swim from remote beaches and enjoy a special menu curated by your onboard chef made from local ingredients and regional culinary techniques.

Visit NYC's Oldest Magic Shop After Dark (New York, NY)

Join your Host, Jason, for a tour of the Holographic Studios, founder of the oldest holography gallery in the world. Starting with a walk through the collection, you’ll have the opportunity to engage with eerily lifelike holographic sculptures, motion image and cylindrical holograms, computer-generated holographic images, and multi-channel holograms that change when you pass by. Your visit will culminate with a private visit of Jason’s subterranean laser laboratory for a demonstration on holography and a chance to observe laser physics in action.

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*Featured photo credit: Ashley Camper