Celebrating World Pasta Day with Airbnb

Every year, on October 25th, World Pasta Day is celebrated with events taking place  around    the world – but why should we celebrate pasta?

Pasta is actually so much more than a simple, cheap carbohydrate or a vehicle for sauce; pasta carries stories that take us back in time. This simple recipe, made from flour, water and eggs, was passed down from generation to generation and the secret of authentic Italian pasta is still held by nonne, Italian grandmothers, who teach new generations how to make real home-made pasta while telling stories of times gone by. This is the reason why the act of making pasta fresca creates a sense of family and belonging, building and strengthening genuine relationships.

Eating, cooking and learning about the foods of different cultures opens up a small window into a deeper understanding of others. It is no coincidence that gastronomic Experiences are the most popular on Airbnb,  representing 25 percent of total Experience bookings. Asia has the largest inventory of gastronomic Experiences,  making up more than 50 percent of Experiences offered on the platform in Osaka, 50 percent in Ho Chi Minh  and 40 percent in Bangkok, a true sign of the importance of culinary tradition in the Far East. Still, when it comes to pasta, the place to be (and will always be) is Italy. With more than 10 pasta making Experiences currently available, Italy offers travelers the chance to immerse themselves in local culture and feel apart of a real Italian family.

Here are some pasta-based Airbnb Experiences to celebrate World Pasta Day 2017:

Pasta Cooking with a Food Blogger – Lake Garda

Maria is a young food advisor who has learned the secrets of pasta fresca  from    her mom. She hosts her guests in a breathtaking villa overlooking Lake Garda where they have fun kneading and cutting three pasta shapes and preparing three typical Italian sauces. Finally, guests enjoy a lovely lunch on the lake view terrace tasting home made pasta and local wine. An authentic Italian gastronomic experience!

Handmade Pasta by Grandma – Rome

If you want to learn pasta secrets from a very special teacher, Nonna Nerina is the perfect host! She will teach guests how to make perfect handmade Italian pasta from scratch using the freshest local seasonal products including extra virgin olive oil made directly on her land. Guests learn how to make three classic traditional pastas: cannelloni, ravioli and fettuccina.

Max’s Homemade Pasta Workshop – Florence

After a visit at the historic Sant’Ambrogio neighborhood, Massimiliano welcomes guests in his country home in Chianti where, after a cappuccino and sweets, he introduces them to three fresh pasta recipes. With Massimiliano, guests learn how to knead, cut, mix, roll, and fill different kinds of pasta. Then they taste their creations with typical Italian sauces, Tuscan wine, and a shot of espresso.

…and how to find authentic pasta fresca outside Italy!

The best way to learn the secrets of real pasta fresca is to go to Italy, but luckily the world is full of Italian hosts! Just like Fosca, in Miami Beach, Dario, in San Francisco, and Sabrina, in London! All born in Italy, they carry on the culinary tradition by teaching guests the secrets of pasta fresca.