Airbnb and the Czech Statistical Office launch Partnership to share aggregated data

Prague, 25 April 2019: The Czech Statistical Office (CZSO) and Airbnb agreed to share anonymous aggregated data on short-term rentals via the Airbnb platform for statistical purposes. Concluded Partnership, the first of its kind in Central and Eastern Europe (CEE), will be used by tourism statistics; it will also help make more precise calculations of the effects of the sharing economy. The partnership does not include any sharing of personal user data.

Airbnb will share anonymous, aggregated data about the Airbnb Community in the Czech Republic on an annual basis with the CZSO. With this partnership, Airbnb and the CZSO want to make sure that all interested parties have valid data at hand and do not have to rely on third-party data. The Czech Republic with the scope of data it provides, their comprehensiveness, as well as well-elaborated methodology belongs to the top in the domain of tourism statistics in Europe.  

„We are well informed about capacities and numbers of guests of collective accommodation establishments but we lack more precise and detailed information about other types of accommodation. It is offered now mainly via sharing economy where we use various sources and estimates. We thus appreciate that Airbnb is the first online platform that cooperates with us to make our data more precise“

Jaroslav Sixta, Vice President of the CZSO

With this partnership, Airbnb and the CZSO want to contribute to transparency and provide detailed statistical information to the public, municipalities, or institutions operating in tourism. This initiative is in line with Airbnb’s Community Compact, in which the company commits itself to build an open and transparent Community and to provide towns and municipalities with the information they need to make informed decisions about home sharing policies.

„We want to be a good partner to everyone in the Czech Republic and help everyone understand the benefits of home sharing. We are proud to be the first partner of this kind to the Czech Statistical Office and look forward to this innovative partnership supporting evidence-based conversations with partners and policymakers across the country“.

Vladimír Beroun, Public Policy Manager for CEE at Airbnb