Denmark proposes innovative new home sharing rules

The Danish government has this week shown its continued support for home sharing. It has proposed innovative new rules that make clear local families can share their space with guests and that help make income tax simple for everyone.

Under the proposals, Danes that share their homes through online platforms that collaborate with the government on income tax measures will also access new benefits, including tax free earnings and extended limits on the number of nights they can share their space. This will bring new benefits to local families and their communities.

Here is a summary of the proposed new rules:

  • Clear home sharing rules
    The proposed rules make clear home sharing is welcome in Denmark and that Danes can share their homes with guests.
  • Support for families that share their homes
    Local authorities will get new powers that allow them to set limits on the number of nights hosts can share their homes. For hosts renting through platforms that collaborate with the government, by sharing data, to support accurate income tax payment, any local hosting limits will not fall below 90 nights a year. For hosts renting through platforms that do not share data with the government on income tax, local authorities can limit hosts to sharing their homes for 30 nights a year.
  • Tax free earnings
    To further support Danes who share their homes, the government are revising the current complicated methods of calculating taxable income from properties. One of the proposals envisages an increase in tax free earnings limits up to 36,000 DKK for those hosting via platforms that collaborate with the government to support accurate income tax payment. There will be no tax free earnings for users of non-collaborative platforms.

We know hosts want to pay their fair share of tax and we want to help. We look forward to working with the government as it continues to look at innovative measures to support local families who share their homes.

We believe the proposed rules are modern, clear and simple for everyone, and will help ensure the government receives this important financial resource. We thank the government for their progressive approach; we want to be good partners to them and continue to lead our industry on this matter.

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