Airbnb Reveals the Dream Destinations for an Extended Sabbatical Stay

A week-long vacation is always restful, but have you ever considered an extended period of leave from work? According to a survey commissioned by Airbnb*, over 70 percent of people interviewed said they have already taken or would consider taking a sabbatical. Airbnb’s survey, timed to coincide with the Italian Sabbatical, also shows where people want to go to disconnect, unwind and find themselves. The top ten countries, in order of preference, are the US, Australia, UK, Spain, France, Japan, Italy, India, Germany and Mexico.

If you are among the majority who dream of escaping it all, here is your selection of inspiring Homes from the most sought after sabbatical destinations.

#1: US

The US has emerged as the number one dream sabbatical destination in our survey. Imagine writing your next novel or rustling up a bbq on the the porch of this Catskills cabin.

#2: Australia

Australia has no shortage of wide open spaces where people can get away from the stresses of modern life. Nestled between two National Parks and a World Heritage listed rainforest, this stunning Home is architectural escapism at its finest.

#3: UK

For centuries the English countryside has inspired the work of artists, poets and novelists – from the Brontës to Beatrix Potter. Why not find your very own inspiration during an extended stay in this lovingly converted barn in the heart of the Northumberland Dales.

#4: Spain

Sabbaticals are all about disconnecting from the daily grind. The only noise to disturb your peace in this historic Catalan farmhouse close to Igualada is the gentle tolling of church bells coming from the magnificent chapel next door.

#5: France

If the idea of a long vacation from work seems like a storybook fable, just remember that fairytales can come true. This chocolate box cottage in Normandy is fairytale fantasy come to life. It has its very own orchard and looks good enough to eat in one tiny bite.

#6: Japan

What better place to restore inner peace than the spiritual home of Zen? Japan is famed for its appreciation of tranquility and this striking Home really captures the spirit of the famously harmonious nation.

#7: Italy

Matera in southern Italy is one of the oldest continuously inhabited cities in the world. See for yourself why people have alway been drawn to the region in this postcard perfect cave house. The Home is typical of Matera and boasts a courtyard filled with the intoxicating aroma of wild plants.

#8: India

If you’ve always dreamt of a month-long yoga retreat now is the time to do it. Goa in India has long been famed as the ultimate destination to find yourself. Turn on, tune in and drop out from it all in this luxurious Goan villa in the picturesque village of Raia. Namaste.

#9: Germany

Germans are known for their strong work ethic, but they also understand the importance of relaxation. This wooden lodge in Lower Saxony is the perfect place to kick back, German style. Depending on the season you have the choice between swimming in the private pond, simmering in the sauna, or just chilling by the cosy wood burning stove.

#10: Mexico

Inspired by Henry Thoreau’s “Walden”, Casa Tiny in Mexico is the ultimate retreat to escape urban life and enjoy the simple pleasures in an eco-friendly, minimalist yet spectacular setting. 

*Survey carried out by One Poll on behalf of Airbnb. OnePoll surveyed 9,000 respondents in the UK, US, France, Germany, Spain, Italy, India and Mexico from November 29, 2018 to December 6, 2018.

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