Australian bushfires: a message from Airbnb

Airbnb is committed to supporting communities affected by bushfires 

Australia is in the midst of an unprecedented bushfire event. Our thoughts are with everyone affected by the ongoing bushfires during this devastating time.

Our number one priority continues to be the safety of all impacted hosts and guests and to help ensure the recommendations of local fire authorities are being followed. 

In Victoria and New South Wales, we have activated Airbnb’s Open Homes Program, which allows hosts to provide free, temporary housing to those who need it, including firefighters, relief workers, and evacuees impacted by the bushfires. 

Thank you to those hosts who have already opened their homes to provide free emergency accommodation. Having assessed the current situation, the Program has been extended through to 31 January, 2020. We encourage others who live near affected areas to consider doing the same by visiting the Open Homes page for NSW or Victoria

We recognise that there is a growing requirement for the medium-term resettlement of evacuees in their own communities – near where they work and their children go to school. We are having constructive discussions with State authorities about how our host community could facilitate this and at affordable rates.

The moment the fires subside and are contained is the moment these communities will need us most. We are committed to supporting those affected by the bushfires through recovery initiatives that will see communities, our wildlife and our natural wonders rebound, recover and thrive again. 

At present, our focus continues to be on working with emergency services and our hosts to provide immediate support to those in need. 

The Open Homes Program is currently available to 31 January 2020 in NSW and Victoria.