Missing Your Workmates? 10 Online Experiences to Beat the WFH Blues

2020 has rapidly accelerated the adoption of remote working and for many, working from home is here to stay. Some find it productive, others far from it. Either way, companies have to work harder to keep people connected and maintain a sense of community and culture and as a result, many are turning to Airbnb Online Experiences. In fact, between May and September 2020, group bookings made by private teams increased an average of 40 percent month-over-month.

Whether it’s activities to enhance problem solving skills or just some team organised fun, Airbnb is making it easier for companies to bring people together at a time when it’s needed most. From magic to margaritas and everything in between, below are 10 of the most popular Online Experiences that are sure to boost morale and help promote bonds between co-workers, wherever they are in the world.

  1. Team OffsiteSolve the Mystery Escape Room
  2. Halloween Holiday Party Follow a Plague Doctor Through Prague
  3. After Work Drinks GINspiration History + Cocktails at Home 
  4. Team DinnerSangria and Secrets with a Drag Queen
  5. Sparking Creativity –  Drawn from Within With a New York Artist
  6. Team Wellness  – New Zealand Nature Highlights
  7. “Welcome to the Team” Icebreaker: True vs False Funny Historical Game
  8. Coffee BreakCoffee Masterclass
  9. Celebrating an Employee Milestone  – A Night of Magic and Mind-Reading
  10. Rewarding Hard Work – Through gift cards, companies can handpick a range of Experiences and gift them according to interests, such as Make Mexican Street Tacos with a Pro Chef for aspiring chefs