NSW Exclusion Register

At Airbnb, we believe the neighbourhoods and communities in which we operate are as important as the Hosts and guests who use our service. As part of this, we welcome the NSW Government’s Exclusion Register for the short-term rental accommodation sector. The Exclusion Register is a vital enforcement and compliance tool that will assist in the regulation of short term rentals within New South Wales.

The Exclusion Register is a list, managed by NSW Fair Trading, of Hosts and guests who are excluded from participating in the industry due to non-compliance with the NSW Code of Conduct. Hosts or guests can be added to the register under a “two strikes” model.

Once an individual is listed on the Exclusion Register, they won’t be able to use platforms like Airbnb to list their properties as a Host, nor will they be able to use short term rental platforms to search for accommodation as a guest. 

The Code of Conduct came into effect in 2020 and complements the strict policies and community standards enforced by Airbnb, including our ban on parties at Airbnb listings globally.

We know that the overwhelming majority of Hosts share their homes responsibly, just as the overwhelming majority of guests are responsible and treat their Airbnb listings and neighbourhoods as if they were their own.

Strong policies must be complemented by strong enforcement. We’ve introduced a number of anti-party measures in recent years to enforce our policy and we can continue to crack down on, and work to prevent,  unauthorised parties. 

These measures include anti-party reservation prevention, a 24-hour safety line, and our Neighbourhood Support Line. As part of our efforts to crack down on unauthorised parties and community disturbances in Australia over the most recent New Year’s Eve, Airbnb prevented almost 15,000 guests from making bookings.

We welcome the Government’s implementation of an industry-wide Exclusion Register for short-term rental accommodation in NSW. It will help ensure the tiny percentage of those who fail to act responsibly are held to account, industry-wide. This measure complements the initiatives Airbnb as a platform has already rolled out in an effort to crack down on disruptive behaviour, such as parties, and help give local communities additional peace of mind.

Our message to everyone who uses Airbnb could not be clearer; bad behaviour has no place on Airbnb and those who fail to adhere to our policies face removal from our platform. Our community standards and policies require guests to behave in a manner that’s respectful of the neighbourhoods in which they’re staying.

The NSW Exclusion Register is a good example of Government and industry working together to respond to community expectations. Following genuine consultation, the NSW Government has acted in good faith to implement a tough-but-fair system that gets the balance right and addresses the needs of the community.

The overwhelming majority of hosts and guests on Airbnb are good neighbours and respectful travellers who care deeply about the communities in which they live and stay.”Further information about the NSW Exclusion Register can be found in our Help Centre, or on the NSW Fair Trading website.

Michael Crosby, Airbnb’s Head of Public Policy for Australia