Airbnb Reveals London as the Top City for Tinder Dating and Travel in 2018

Airbnb is excited to reveal the world’s top destinations for an unforgettable Pride this year and London tops the list in not one, but two categories.


Guests expected to check in to an Airbnb during London’s Pride Week

Through a specially commissioned study*, the people-powered hospitality platform with a mission to create a world where anyone can belong anywhere, has found out which destinations have the most to offer LGBTQ travelers. The study looked at 100 cities with the highest Pride attendance worldwide and found out which of these fared best under five different LGBTQ categories, including nightlife and dating.


Traditionally a mecca for LGBTQ travellers, it is no surprise that London topped the ranking for dating. Using data shared with Airbnb by Tinder this May, we discovered that the British capital has the highest per capita usage of LGBTQ Tinder profiles worldwide (via Tinder’s More Genders feature).

Aisha’s LGBT nightlife Experience  in London showcases the best LGBT entertainment nightlife away from the  commercial hype and mainstream.

Runners up in this category, in order of Tinder usage, are 2. New York, 3. Chicago, 4. Montreal, 5. Berlin, 6. Madrid, 7. Los Angeles, 8. Paris, 9. Sydney and 10. San Francisco.


For this category we looked at cities that had the highest year-on-year growth in Airbnb guest arrivals during Pride. We also identified which cities have the highest number of LGBTQ Experiences on Airbnb and where you can find Airbnb Guidebooks with the highest number of tips for LGBTQ travellers.

London’s Soho boasts many great homes to explore the thriving gay village, like   this extraordinary Airbnb Plus listing.

The top city in this ranking is London, followed by 2. Los Angeles, 3. New York, 4. San Francisco, 5. Tokyo, 6. Paris, 7. Montreal, 8. Amsterdam, 9. Berlin and 10. Barcelona.

View the full list of winning cities and categories here.

All Homes and Experiences in this press release are intended purely to inspire and illustrate. Airbnb does not recommend or endorse these listings or any other Homes or Experiences on the platform.

*Research conducted by ABCD  in May 2018. ABCD. Methodology outlined here