Fabrizio, Rome

Fabrizio keeps a large map globe in his kitchen where each guest writes their name next to their hometown. Then Fabrizio takes a selfie with them, and keeps it in his smartphone in an album he is very proud to show us. Since 2014 he embraced the home sharing experience and this year, too, he couldn’t miss Open, where we met him, to learn something new from all different hosts. Fabrizio actively takes part in the Rome Home Sharing Club and here, in Los Angeles, brings his experience to the attendees. On the floor of the building where he lives and shares a room, there are other four apartments, often featuring empty rooms. He would like to have his neighbors involved in the home sharing, too. He thinks he started a way of life that is positive for his neighborhood and his area.

“I’d like to involve my neighbors too in the home sharing experience. I know it’s a big responsibility. When my guests arrive I feel like I have to give them the best welcome ever, I have to make sure that they enjoy the city and they get to know Rome like I know it. It takes kindness and positivity. These people, who pick you without even knowing who you are, should get an award! And when you see it’s mutual, that it’s really about an exchange of culture and experiences, you feel good. That’s why I really encourage everyone to try the home sharing. I know there are people who think they would never welcome strangers in their house. I want to tell them that you have to think the other way around. These people are not strangers: they are potential friends”.