FAQ Noise Detector Pilot Program in Prague with Minut

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1. Why is Airbnb running a Noise Detector Pilot Program in Prague?

To support responsible tourism in the Czech Republic post-pandemic, Airbnb has introduced a number of measures and resources for Hosts and guests on Airbnb. In April 2021, we launched the Neighbor Support Line in Czech, offering neighbors with urgent concerns about a listing the ability to talk to someone directly at Airbnb. We also launched a new Responsible Hosting Hub to help Hosts understand local rules and educate guests in order to prevent community disturbance issues. 

The Noise Detector Pilot Program in Prague is the latest step to support local Hosts to detect and solve noise and nuisance concerns in their listings and to help guests travel responsibly in local neighborhoods. 

2. What is the Noise Detector Pilot Program in Prague about?

The Pilot Program is run in collaboration with Minut, manufacturer of the noise detection device ‘Minut Home Sensor’, with a select group of voluntary Hosts on Airbnb, who will install the device in their listing to detect potential noise disturbance and to inform guests about managing noise during their stay. 

3. How does it work?

The Minut Home Sensor detects and flags if the noise level in a listing rises above the threshold your Host has determined*. Through research and feedback from our Host community, we have found that this type of technology helps with identifying parties and getting ahead of issues, while respecting guest privacy (as the devices do not record or transmit anything other than actual noise levels).

*Minut recommends that Hosts set the threshold to 75dB during the daytime and 70dB during the night. This recommendation is based on research around party and disturbance prevention.

4. How will the Noise Detector Pilot Program impact guests on Airbnb?

Hosts who participate in the Noise Detector Pilot Program in Prague will display signage in their Airbnb listing that it’s equipped with a ‘Minut Home Sensor’. Minut will monitor the noise as well as motion, humidity and temperature levels to ensure that you feel safe, secure and comfortable during your stay. For example, Minut may let your Host know that the temperature in your listing is too high or low, which could indicate an issue with the AC unit or heating. This will help your Host ensure that the temperature in the listing is at a comfortable level. You can find more information about Minut Home Sensors on Minut’s website.

As part of the Pilot Program, your Host will share your contact details (name, phone number and reservation dates) with Minut, so that you can be contacted when the noise levels in your listing rise above the Host’s approved threshold. 

You will only be contacted if the noise threshold is exceeded for a prolonged period of time (between five to fifteen minutes – depending on the duration set by your Host). When this happens, Minut will automatically send you a text message and/or automatically call your phone asking you to reduce the noise. If you miss these alerts, you will receive another text message and/or automated call. You could receive up to three messages and three calls.

Minut will notify your Host at the same time you receive a text message or an automated call. They will also be informed when the noise levels return to normal (below the threshold that the Host set).

5. How loud is too loud?

We want you to have a great stay and enjoy yourself without the worry of disturbing the neighbors. A conversation with friends, having dinner with your loved ones or playing ambient music are not an issue. If the sound levels exceed the threshold for a long period of time (at least 5 minutes), you will be contacted by Minut (by text message or/and automated call) to kindly ask you to reduce the noise. Sound levels above the threshold usually indicate loud music or a party that is likely to disturb the neighbors.

Minut recommends that Hosts set the threshold to 75dB during the daytime and 70dB during the night. This recommendation is based on their in-depth research around party and disturbance prevention.

In comparison, the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention identified that a whisper is about 30dB, a normal conversation is around 60 dB and a motorcycle engine running is 95 dB.

6. What personal data will be shared with Minut?

Airbnb and Hosts care about local communities. That is why we aim to prevent noise disturbance or parties at listings. To achieve this, your Host will share a limited amount of your data with Minut (name, phone number and reservation dates). 

If you book a listing that is part of the Pilot Program, you will receive a welcome message from your Host informing you about the presence of the Minut sensor, information about how your data will be processed and a reminder about your right to object.

Minut will only get in touch with you via automated message or phone call if noise levels in your listing exceed the threshold for at least five minutes.

7. How is my privacy respected?

The Minut sensor respects privacy. It is a monitor that does not contain any cameras nor does it record any sound or listen to what you say or do. Minut simply monitors decibel levels and detects when they exceed the predetermined threshold. 

Airbnb and Minut are joint controllers for this processing as per The General Data Protection Regulation 2016/679 (GDPR). Airbnb is responsible for providing this notice to you and both Airbnb and Minut are responsible for managing your individual rights relating to the joint processing. Guest data may only be processed by Minut for the purposes of this Pilot Program and will never be shared with any third party. For information on how to exercise your privacy rights with Minut in relation to the joint processing, please see Minut’s Privacy Policy.

8. May I object to my data being shared with Minut?

Guests can opt out of the pilot at any time. 

As a guest, you will have the right to object to the processing of your data for the purpose of this Pilot Program. You should inform your Host that you do not want your personal information to be used by Minut. Then, Minut will not use your personal data. Your booking will not be affected.

If you object, the device will still monitor noise levels in the listing and will only alert your Host if the noise does not return to an acceptable level within five to fifteen depending on the Host’s default settings.

9. Will I be contacted during my stay?

You will only be contacted during your stay if the noise levels in your listing exceed the threshold determined by your Host for a long period of time (five to fifteen minutes) depending on the Host’s settings.

10. How long will my personal data be stored by Minut?

Guest data is deleted by Minut on a monthly basis, which means your personal data will be stored for a maximum of 31 days after the end of your stay.