From Horse Yoga to Carb-Loading: Airbnb Unveils Hot New Trends for 2019

Recently, Airbnb unveiled that Kaikoura, New Zealand, Xiamen, China and Normandy, France are among the top trending destinations for travelers in 2019. You may be wondering, however, how are they planning to fulfill their wanderlust once they get there?

Today we’re revealing what’s hot for 2019 based on Airbnb Experience booking data*. From meditating with animals to carb-binging, adventurers continue to seek locally-led opportunities to explore unique worlds through shared hobbies, skills or expertise.

See below for the trends that we predict will make it big in 2019:

Goat Yoga is out, Horse Yoga is in

Goat Yoga was all the craze in 2018, but with horseback riding surging in year-over-year bookings by 319 percent, a new form of yoga may be here to stay.

Try one of these equine-led meditative Experiences:

Mindful movement

Meditation (367 percent YoY increase) and hiking (655 percent YoY increase) activities are among the most trending Experiences based on bookings this year over last.

These options will allow you to nurture your spiritual self in a natural element:

Nama’tastings (Wine & Yoga)

Wine tastings are among Airbnb’s fastest-growing Experiences, with some of the most popular increasing bookings up to 700 percent in late 2018.

These wine-inspired meditative sessions may provide the perfect atmosphere for winding down:

Cutting carbs is so 2016…

Resolutions beware! Pizza and Pasta still lead as the most booked food Experiences among travelers with bookings up 240 percent from last year.

For your next carb coma, feast on the following Experiences:

Love it or hate it, tie-dye is back

Don’t call it a comeback! Indigo and Tie-dye Experiences suggest the old school fad has officially gone from not to hot with bookings up 175 percent.

Try one of the following Experiences on for size:

In with the old (out with the new?)

With the crazy rise of historical podcasts, TV shows and documentaries in 2018, global bookings of history-based Airbnb Experiences are growing 3x faster than food and drink and are predicted to be the most booked Experience category in 2019.

Take a walk down history’s lane with one of the following Experiences:

*Based on internal Airbnb data for bookings made in 2017 vs. 2018.