Helping Canadian tourism grow greener

Airbnb’s growth has been driven, in part, by interest in home sharing as a sustainable option for travel: 72 percent of surveyed Airbnb guests say the environmental benefits of home sharing were of at least some importance in their choice of Airbnb.

In Canada we see even higher numbers. When it comes to Airbnb hosts, 97 percent of surveyed hosts said they engage in eco-friendly practices.

Here are some other ways the Airbnb community in Canada, and around the world, is focused on making positive environmental impacts:

  • make listings greener by embracing environmentally conscious products and services
  • partner with policymakers and NGOs to promote sustainable travel
  • create new offerings—including an expanding range of eco-themed travel Experiences—that introduce sustainability not only into where you stay, but what you do.

At a recent talk hosted by Airbnb in Toronto Danny Glover discussed one of these many “urban eco tourism” partnerships.

This past June Airbnb enlisted a Sustainability Advisory Board. One of the board members, Heather Zichal, former deputy assistant to President Obama on Energy and Climate Change, says that,

“providing solutions to combat climate change and managing its impacts, creating pathways for economic opportunity, and advancing technology innovation are all critical to ensuring a sustainable and vibrant future.”

The environment is a priority and we all have a role to play in protecting it. At Airbnb, we’re just getting started.

Learn more about how home sharing makes travel greener in this 2017 report.