Host Spotlight: Uncover a Different Side of Jeju Through the Eyes of a Scientist and a Singer

The luscious island of Jeju is known for it’s lush beaches  and   verdant, volcanic landscape,  but for   two Airbnb Experience hosts,  there   is  much more than   meets the eye. A marine biologist and singer-songwriter uncover some authentic,  typically unseen   corners of their home  and share them with their guests, both locals and visitors alike.

A Scientist Coloring the Fish-bone

Seung-hyun is a young man from Seoul who fell in love with Jeju’s vibrant marine life and moved to the island nine years ago. As a marine biologist, he showcases the oceans of Jeju from a completely fresh perspective with the  Color Your Fish  Experience. At his lab in the island’s arts center, guests will learn how to make marine life skeleton dye specimens and then pick transparent fish to create works of art.

One day while working on my master’s degree discourse on eels, I came across skeleton dyeing. I was fascinated by the unique visual of abandoned marine life forms. From that day on, I began making different types of fish dye specimens.

Seung-hyun, marine biologist and Airbnb Experience Host

“Jeju has the most diverse marine life in Korea. Coloring fish bones is not only a visually beautiful exercise, it also recycles discarded fish which is beneficial for the environment. I hope that guests will be able to broaden their perspective on life through this Experience and retain memories of Jeju as a clean and beautiful island,” Seung-hyun adds.

A Musician Singing the Beauty of Jeju

Jeong-hun is a singer-songwriter living a unique life amongst the rural charms of Jeju. His Experience ‘Songs of Jejuprovides a moment of reflection for guests. A light walk along the stone-walled paths of  the quiet rural village of Haengwon-ri to Weoljeong-ri Beach culminates in a studio visit where he  shares tea and stories with guests. Guests sing and make music together, listening to Jeong-hun’s melodic   contemplations    on life and nature.  

“I hope that the only thing that travelers leave behind in Jeju  are their worries. 

Jeong-hun, singer-songwriter and Airbnb Experiences Host